Frederik Jamees

Auctioneer Advertising & Enamel Signs / Antiques / Curio

The craftsmanship in old slot machines is fascinating.

Frederik  Jamees

As a teenager, Frederik Jamees was fascinated by jukeboxes from the 50s. At first it was the music, but later the craftsmanship in them also caught his eye. As far as he was concerned, the boring 80s machines were no match. He soon became interested in other antique machines, such as slot machines from the twenties (one-armed bandits), Coca Cola vending machines and gramophones. But actually, any devices that are at least partially mechanical and in working order will pique his interest. Frederik attended fairs and auction houses around the world for his collection, passionately expanding it. This provided him with a large network, plenty of knowledge about human nature and a wealth of information about machines.

As an auctioneer, Frederik has seen a lot of machines. So he knows how important it is to establish whether a machine is still in its original condition, which has a significant impact on the price. Frederik also spends a lot of time working on how the lots he is offered are presented, and tries to help both sellers and buyers where he can. Personally, he would love to see a rare Mills Dewey Floor Machine from the early 1900s, but a Watling ‘Bird of Paradise’ slot machine or a Rock-Ola commando wouldn’t go amiss either.