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Buying securely

Three extra assurances for buying securely at Catawiki's auctions:

1. All auctions are supervised by an expert

Each of Catawiki's auctions is supervised by an expert. All experts are specialists in their fields, and personally select the items to be auctioned.

2. Payments are secure and reliable

Other auction sites usually require you to pay directly to the seller, leaving delivery of the item at the seller's discretion. Catawiki employs a more secure system. When you purchase an item at auction, you transfer your money. Once your payment has been received, the seller will be alerted. They are then given 3 working days to send the item to you. The payment will then be transfered to the seller at least 2 weeks after your transaction. If anything should go awry during the delivery process, this allows the payment to the seller to be postponed if necessary.

3. Feedback system

After every purchase made, we will ask you to supply the seller with feedback through our feedback system. If you are satisfied with delivery, you can give the seller positive feedback; if you aren't, you can let the seller know that as well. Any earlier feedback can be viewed by clicking on the seller's reviews on the lot page.