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Roy, Peter (3 items)




Version 8
Updated: 13-01-2018 15:20:18 by robertsnelleman
Barcode: 8712626005155 >> 8 712626 005155
Version 7
Updated: 05-06-2014 17:29:41 by Arco
Reviewed: 05-06-2014 17:29:41 by Arco
Label / uitgever: MGM Home Entertainment
>> MGM - Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Version 6
Deleted: 20-12-2012 20:35:33 by Arco
Episode/extra: Delete
Titel: Thunderball >> <<Empty>>
Version 5
Updated: 20-12-2012 20:35:32 by Arco
Gesproken taal: English
>> English
French (dubbed)
Italian (dubbed)
Version 4
Updated: 27-02-2012 13:39:47 by cboere
Acteur: Auger, Claudine
Broccoli, Dana
Celi, Adolfo
Connery, Sean
Lee, Bernard
Llewelyn, Desmond
Maxwell, Lois
McClory, Kevin
Paluzzi, Luciana
>> Alba, Rose
Auger, Claudine
Bailey, Anthony
Baraker, Gábor
Bayntun, Amelia
Beckwith, Reginald
Beswick, Martine
Blackshaw, Anthony
Brennan, Michael
Broccoli, Dana
Brown, Courtney
Bulloch, Ian
Cameron, Earl
Cazes, Clive
Celi, Adolfo
Cheng, Cecil
Connery, Sean
Culver, Michael
Culver, Roland
Cummings, Bill
Dawson, Anthony
Doleman, Guy
Ford II, Henry
Gwillim, Jack
Hallett, Neil
Hartford, Diane
Hauser, Philo
Holt, Patrick
Kash, Murray
Kendall, Suzy
Lee, Bernard
Leech, George
Llewelyn, Desmond
Locke, Philip
Maranne, André
Maxwell, Lois
McClory, Kevin
Michel, Albert
Nutter, Rik van
Paluzzi, Luciana
Partridge, Derek
Peters, Molly
Pohlmann, Eric
Pravda, George
Reckord, Lloyd
Rietty, Robert
Roy, Peter
Russhon, Charles
Sachs, Leonard
Sanderson, Harold
Sawyer, Bill
Simmons, Bob
Stassino, Paul
Stone, Philip
Underdown, Edward
Zyl, Nikki van der
Oorspronkelijke titel: <<Empty>> >> Thunderball (1965)
Details : Meer info:
>> <<Empty>>
Filmstudio: MGM - Metro Goldwyn Mayer
>> Eon Productions
Afbeelding 3: <<Empty>> >>
Label / uitgever: MGM - Metro Goldwyn Mayer
>> MGM Home Entertainment
Scenario: Fleming, Ian
Hopkins, John
Maibaum, Richard
McClory, Kevin
Whittingham, Jack
>> Fleming, Ian [naar]
Hopkins, John
Maibaum, Richard
Whittingham, Jack
Taal op hoes: French
>> English
Version 3
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Waarde - nieuwstaat: <<Empty>> >> 7.00
Version 2
Updated: 20-04-2010 16:03:35 by cboere
Bestelnummer: 8712626005155 >> DY 16228.1
Producer: Broccoli, Albert R. 'Cubby'
McClory, Kevin
Salzmann, Harry
>> Broccoli, Albert R.
McClory, Kevin
Salzmann, Harry
Version 1
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