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Whitney, Peter (7 items)


Destination Tokyo


Version 7
Updated: 18-06-2014 01:47:55 by Arco
Reviewed: 18-06-2014 01:47:55 by Arco
Label / uitgever: Warner Home Video
>> Warner Bros.
Version 6
Updated: 24-12-2012 01:10:31 by Arco
Reviewed: 24-12-2012 01:10:31 by Arco
Filmstudio: Warner Bros. Pictures
>> Warner Bros.
Version 5
Updated: 28-09-2012 13:09:47 by Arco
Serie / held: Destination Tokyo
>> Destination Tokyo
Version 4
Updated: 15-04-2012 12:58:39 by cboere
Extra's: <<Empty>> >> Trailer
Afbeelding 3: >>
Version 3
Updated: 15-01-2012 11:28:52 by Arco
Reviewed: 15-01-2012 11:28:52 by Arco
Label / uitgever: Warner Home Video Benelux
>> Warner Home Video
Version 2
Updated: 24-10-2011 11:33:24 by cboere
Acteur: Clark, Dane
Garfield, John
Grant, Cary
Hale, Alan
Ridgely, John
>> Alvin, John
Anderson, George
Anderson, Warner
Ashe, Warren
Barlow, Joy
Bartell, Harry
Bissell, Whit
Blackwell Jr., Carlyle
Borzage, Danny
Challee, William
Clark, Cliff
Clark, Dane
Creasman, Bob
Cross, Warren
Cruz, Angelo
Daves, Deborah
Daves, Michael
Douglas, Warren
Emerson, Faye
Evans, Jimmy
Fong, Benson
Foo, Wing
Forrest, John
Forsythe, John
Garfield, John
Got, Roland
Grant, Cary
Grant, Kirby
Gunn, Herbert
Hale, Alan
Hall, Eddie
Hudson, William
Hughes, Charles Anthony
Hunter, Bill
Hutton, Robert
Jacques, Ted
Kennedy, Bill
Landa, Mary
Langton, Paul
Lee, Eddie
Lee, George
Leong, James B.
Lloyd, George
Lowell, Bob
Malis, Cy
Marcelle, Lou
McColm, Ralph
Mower, Jack
Murphy, Maurice
O'Brien, William J.
O'Connor, Frank
Parker, Eleanor
Parry, Paul
Prince, William
Prosser, Hugh
Ridgely, John
Robotham, George
Schoemer, Dorothy
Sell, Bernard
Sherlock, Charles
Steers, Larry
Stevens, Mark
Sullivan, Charles
Sung, Ya Sing
Sylvester, John
Tang, Frank
Thompson, Charles S.
Tully, Tom
Vincent, Sailor
Walker, Wally
Ward, Jay
Whiteman, Russ
Whitney, John
Whitney, Peter
Wilson, Alan
Wong, Bruce
York, Duke
Oorspronkelijke titel: <<Empty>> >> Destination Tokyo (1943)
Bestelnummer: 65732 >> Z9 65732
Release jaar film: 1944 >> 1943
Filmstudio: Warner Bros.
>> Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Warfare
>> Adventure
Afbeelding 1: >>
Afbeelding 2: >>
Afbeelding 3: <<Empty>> >>
Producer: <<Empty>> >> Wald, Jerry
Serie / held: Destination Tokyo
>> Destination Tokyo
Taal op hoes: Dutch
>> English
Version 1
Added: 11-03-2010 15:37:31 by cboere
Reviewed: 11-03-2010 17:55:46 by Arco
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