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4. NTSC-J (Asia) (312 items)

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4. NTSC-J (Asia) (312 selected from 312)

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  Title PlatformArrow_up Year Value
Neo-Geo CD CD-TO1 (Top Loader)
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1994 € 120,00
NEC PC Engine
The NEC PC Engine was officially only released in Japan (1987). In 1989 it was introduced in the USA as the TurboGrafx (or Turbografx-16). This was a slightly larger unit. Later versions are the
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1987 € 80,00
PC Engine CD-ROM
This is an external CD-Rom player for the PC Engine/CoreGrafx. A special interface (RAU-30) was necessary to connect the player to the video console. It can be used with the PC Engine, TurboGrafx,
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1988 € 80,00
PC Engine LT
This is a mini laptop version of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx with a huge 4" LCD screen. It looks like a large Nintendo DS. It has a built-in TV tuner and connections for a CD-rom player. The unit
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1991 € 500,00
External CD-ROM player that does not necessitates a separate interface to connect to the video console. Can be used with the PC Engine, TurboGrafx, CoreGrafx and SuperGrafx.
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1991 € 300,00
PC Engine Duo R
This is a slightly modified (design) PC Engine Duo/Turbo Duo. It has no headphone jack connection.
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1993 € 250,00
PC Engine Duo RX
This is a PC Engine Duo R with slight design modifications.
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1994 € 250,00
NEC SuperGrafx
The SuperGrafx was a slightly upgaded version of the PC Engine/TurboGrafx. Instead of replacing the 8 bit processer with a 16 bit unit, NEC decided to only add an extra video chip and additional RAM
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1989 € 80,00
PC Engine Duo
The PC Engine Duo is the Japanese version of the Turbo Duo (USA). It is a PC Engine/TurboGrafx with built-in CD-Rom. It was succeeded bij the nearly identical Duo R and Duo RX models.
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1991 € 250,00
Bandai Pippin Atmark
The Bandai pippin is a game console marketed by Bandai which was base don Apple PowerPC technology using a Mac OS. The unit was sold in Japan as the pippin atmark (white) and in the USA as the
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1995 € 120,00
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1999 -
Virtual Boy
The Nintendo Virtual Boy was one of the most original and bizarre video game 'consoles' ever. It consisted of a pair of goggles with a built in 3D display screen. The screen was monochrome red.
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1995 -
Neo-Geo AES
The Neo-Geo AES (Advanced Entertainment System) was the home version of SNK’s coin-op arcade hall Neo-Geo MVS (Multi Video System). It was originally targeted for commercial use in hotels,
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1990 -
Panasonic FZ-10 R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
The Panasonic FZ-10 R.E.A.L. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer is the successor of the original FZ-1. It is a less expensive model. Contrary to the FZ-1 which is a front loader, the FZ-10 is a top
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1995 -
Super Famicom
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1991 -
Nintendo 64 (N64)
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1997 -
Sega Dreamcast HTK-3000 (Dream Passport 3)
1. Consoles (Hardware) 2000 -
Sega Dreamcast HTK-3000 (Dream Passport 2)
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1998 -
Sega Saturn HST-0014
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1996 -
Sega Saturn HST-0004
1. Consoles (Hardware) 1994 -