Kugleformede krukke (1) - Keramik - Cambodia - 9. / 10. århundrede - Kulen - Khmer

Kugleformede krukke (1) - Keramik - Cambodia - 9. / 10. århundrede - Kulen - Khmer
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Small vial from the 9th - 10th century, Khmer Empire, Angkor period, Cambodia.

Made of sandstone and finished with a beige/green glaze, this small vials was used to contain oils or perfume.

Narrow neck with an edge composed of 4 levels.
A deeply carved ring around the outer shoulder marks the upper and lower parts of the bottle.
The body is chiselled with a series of vertical lines regularly spaced up to half the body ending with a horizontal line drawn on the full circumference of the object.
The green/beige glaze is homogeneous and covers the entire piece revealing some imperfections.

From the kilns near Angkor.

11 cm x 11 cm x 11 cm.

In good overall condition, with a few missing pieces, cracks, breaks.

Kanaka collection.


1962 - 1987: Private Belgian collection.
1987 - 2005: Private Portuguese collection.
From 2005 to the present day: Kanaka collection.

Shipped from Belgium.

The seller guarantees that he acquired this piece according to all national and international laws related to the ownership of cultural property.
Provenance statement seen by Catawiki.
The seller will take care that any necessary permits, like an export license will be arranged, he will inform the buyer about the status of it if this takes more than a few days.

Samlet antal artikler
Kugleformede krukke
9. / 10. århundrede - Kulen - Khmer
Region/ Oprindelsesland
God stand, se beskrivelse
11×11×11 cm
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