Apple - iMac 17-tommer Tournesol DUAL BOOT Design-pakke - med Harman / Kardon-højttalere og ICE WHITE Pro - Med erstatningsæske

Apple - iMac 17-tommer Tournesol DUAL BOOT Design-pakke - med Harman / Kardon-højttalere og ICE WHITE Pro - Med erstatningsæske
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The lucky Macintosh Apple enthusiast can supplement his/her collection with one of the most loved iMac models – and at least one of the most recognizable. Behold the legendary collector's item: the "Apple iMac G4/ 800Mhz (17 inch Flat Panel)", also know as the "Tournesol", "Sunflower" or "iLamp".

This iMac comes with two spherical "Harman/Kardon" Apple Pro Speakers. These are amazing sounding speakers and the ball design is fabulous. The ice white Pro Keyboard & Mouse are also original.

I have turned this already RARE Tournesol into a "DUAL BOOT computer". Just hold down the option key at start-up, and choose the SYSTEM you want: "Mac OS X – Tiger 10.4" or "MacOS 9.2 (Classic mode)".

A lot of Apple Fans prefer an Apple computer with a "Power PC Processor", because it is able to run smoothly both the "old classic programs on OS 9.2", and programs up to the level of this computers current installed operating System X ["10.4 TIGER"].

(instead of other sellers)

I am a Mac user from way back in the Legacy Era. I offer Vintage Apple computers as I would buy them myself. My admiration for Steve Jobs' legacy is so great that I want the Macs I sell, to stand "the test of time". Furthermore I only sell items I have "passion" for.

Hardware-wise, all my sold computers are completely disassembled, cleaned – and, if necessary, repaired – in order to extend their lifespan. See pictures.


– DUST: the inside of a 20-year-old computer looks the same as "the collection-container of a vacuum cleaner" (read: a dust bunny). And as you know "dust" can ruin your electronics;

– LEAKS: 20-year-old batteries will someday leak, causing irreversible damage to the computer. So, if "time and date" are not displayed correctly, you sadly will know what time it is;

– HEAT: the biggest killer of electronics is heat. Whenever opening an old Mac (e.g. for replacing de pram battery), one must redo the CPU & GPU thermal paste. I'd hate to see a great machine like the iMac G4 killed needlessly (because the seller is unknowledgeable).

Long-Story Short. Computers from other vendors may look the same on the outside. I can guarantee you that the inside is very different! So if you want to enjoy your investment for as long as possible, choosing "wisely" is advisable.

For Your Information
– Usually the ventilation holes and the fan, are filthy ... and the inside of the bulb is "dusty and dirty" (which does not benefit the operation);
– Usually a white Computer, Keyboard and Mouse are Yellowed. This iMac is still Ice-White, which is highly exceptional.

It was Steve's vision to intertwine hardware and software. Retro-computing without software is therefore – in my opinion – "meaningless". Therefore, all my macs are packed with "tons of pre-installed software of yesteryear", ready to use – and to give you a glimp of Apple's history. This 100% working and technically checked “Vintage” bundle comes with “working software”. E.g. Adobe Creative Suite 2 (including the applications: "Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign") – and Office Suite for MAC X (including the applications: "Word, PowerPoint, Excel"). Furthermore: including additional Value Pack (Templates, Fonts, Clip-Arts, etc).

All software has already been activated!

Operating systems:
– MacOS 9.2 (Classic mode: default)
– Tiger OSX 10.4

The computer only includes software* that is classified as "abandonware" (= from the Public Domain, distributed over the internet and available freely, easily and readily). The software is supplied "free of charge" as a free service (for the retro-computing fan). Both the applications and the operating system are installed in ENGLISH.

>> To Sum Up:
This is an excellent opportunity for both the "Apple/ Macintosh Collector" and the "Graphic Designer / Student". In addition to being a "today" still perfectly usable "Desktop Publishing (DTP)" Computer, this "iMac" is also a true collector's item, which can be used as a design object. It gives you the best of both worlds!

The "iMac" comes with the accompanying RARE ice white Apple "Pro" keyboard and mouse. Those objects alone are already worth a fortune on auction websites. The keyboard is completely disassembled and cleaned professionally (see pictures). It looks brand-new! In my opinion it is my responsibility (as a seller) to provide a Germ-Free keyboard (a 2018 study found that 96% of the keyboards were contaminated with bacteria). So, I think we can agree that nobody wants a nasty, infected keyboard.

It was originally known as "the New iMac". Apple advertised the iMac G4 as having the ADJUSTABILITY of a desk lamp, and was nicknamed the "iLamp". It was also known as the "Sunflower" (or "Tournesol" in French).

The so-called "Tournesol" was - as we are used to from Apple - an innovative machine. Lightweight and also smaller than its predecessors and the competition. The processing speed and RAM capacity was impressive. Many users were therefore impressed in 2002. The so-called BULB has achieved a CULT STATUS because of its "futuristic appearance". Although the machine is 100% functional, it can also be displayed as an "eye-catcher and showpiece".

The internal components are housed in an attractive 10.6 inch HALF SPHERE in ICE "WHITE" housing with a chrome stainless steel neck that supports a 17 "TFT Active Matrix LCD display. ”Unlike some previous iMac models which are convection cooled, the iMac" Flat Panel "series is cooled by a silent internal fan.

The standard RAM of "256 MB" is doubled to "512 MB", to really use this machine to its full potential, and speed up "rendering" within the graphic ADOBE programs from the Creative Suite.

This is a great computer for anyone looking to be able to handle digital images, audio and video in a stable environment.

– iMac 17 inch all-in-one computer Power PC G4 (PowerMac4,2) – serial: QT237B7MNOS;
The pram battery has been replaced so that date, time and all other personal settings are preserved.

> 800 MHz PowerPC 7445 (G4) processor;
> 40.0 GB Ultra ATA/66 hard drive (5400 RPM) devided in two partitions;
> Tray-loading "SuperDrive" Toshiba CD-RW/ DVD-ROM;
> NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics with 32 MB of DDR SDRAM (AGP 2X support);
> 512 MB SDRAM (instead of the default 256 MB);
> Standard Ethernet: 10/100Base-T;
> Firewire Ports: 2 (400).

Apple made the speakers in collaboration with audio manufacturer Harman Kardon. The Imac G4's dedicated audio minijack output has a special connector that controls both the audio signal and the power supply.

– original RARE Apple Pro "ICE WHITE" Keyboard (model A1048)*, the case is made from clear transparent plastic, with white keys;
– original RARE Apple Pro "ICE WHITE" Mouse (model M5769)*;
– original "ICE WHITE" power cable;
– tons of pre-installed Adobe & Office Software (on both "OS9 & OSX");
– digital files on the hard drive, of the legendary “Apple Think Different” campaign of time-honored visionaries like the Dalai Lama, John Lennon & Yoko, Muhammad Ali, Einstein, Picasso, etc. See pictures.

The RARE Apple "ICE WHITE" Pro Keyboard and Mouse* and Herman Kardon Pro Speakers, they alone are worth the bid!

The "i" in "iMac" stands for "internet", "individual", "instruct", "inform" and "inspire".

As these are "vintage items", they are being sold as. Normal signs of use and wear and tear. But as an experienced connoisseur I can guarantee that these items are in VERY GOOD condition (always keeping in mind their age). The numerous images are part of the meticulous description. Thus: judge yourself!

– the computer works as it should (extensively tested!).

– a little downside. There is a barely visible little crack on "one" of the speakers (see pic). Furthermore the speaker "cable" is yellowed a bit.

The PLUS bundle is packaged securely and carefully for safe shipment.
Moreover, the PLUS bundle is shipped INSURED because of its precious value.

"One More Thing"
– Steve Jobs quote

Don't miss this unique opportunity.
Great opportunities don't come everyday!

Let the bidding begin … for this legendary Tournesol bundle.

"One More Thing"
When in doubt, check my positive customer reviews ;)
(… because there are some "copycats" out there who copy my style and pretend to be me). There is only one "VISENTO"! That's me ;)

iMac 17-tommer Tournesol DUAL BOOT Design-pakke - med Harman / Kardon-højttalere og ICE WHITE Pro
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