Apple - Macintosh SE, inklusive SOFTWARE & SPILPAKKE - Med erstatningsæske

Apple - Macintosh SE, inklusive SOFTWARE & SPILPAKKE - Med erstatningsæske
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Being an Apple enthusiast, I have collected RARE and VALUABLE hardware and software for my co-sentimental Apple companions. The lucky Macintosh Apple enthusiast can supplement his/her collection with this legendary collector's item: the “Macintosh SE” packed with "tons of pre-installed software and games of yesteryear", ready to use – and to give you a glimp of Apple's history.

Furthermore. As a free gift you get the RARE (and hard-to-find) "world-famous" pixel-art picture of "Stef Jobs" (it's waiting for you on the hard disk).

This "all-in-one computer" SE sold by Apple between 1987 and 1990 would still have cost a fortune today: $ 3,900, or about $ 8,400 in 2019 dollars.

August 1, 1989: Apple gives the Macintosh SE a storage bump, courtesy of the new SuperDrive. It was an attempt at creating a Mac for businesses. And while it looked much the same as the original 1984 Macintosh, it included some impressive improvements under the hood in terms of processing power.

The SE, was the first compact Macintosh with an internal HARD DRIVE, Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) for keyboard and mouse connections, and longer life thanks to the addition of a cooling FAN. The fact that in 2021 the computer still functions as before, proves that this design was very successful!

The SE is seen as a big improvement on its predecessor - the Macintosh PLUS (20% performance improvement). By the way, the "SE" in Macintosh SE stands for "System Expansion".

I’m certainly not alone in my Mac SE love, either. A Mac SE sat on Jerry’s desk for the first few seasons of Seinfeld, before it was superseded by a PowerBook Duo, a Macintosh 6100 and finally a Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh.

(instead of other sellers)

I am a Mac user from way back in the Legacy Era. I offer Vintage Apple computers as I would buy them myself. My admiration for Steve Jobs' legacy is so great that I want the Macs I sell, to stand "the test of time". Furthermore I only sell items I have "passion" for.

Hardware-wise, all my sold computers are completely disassembled, cleaned – and, if necessary, repaired – in order to extend their lifespan. See pictures.


– DUST: the inside of a 30-year-old computer looks the same as "the collection-container of a vacuum cleaner" (read: a dust bunny). And as you know "dust" can ruin your electronics;

– LEAKS: 30-year-old batteries will someday leak, causing irreversible damage to the computer. The old battery is removed and replaced by a brand-new battery;

Long-Story Short. Computers from other vendors may look the same on the outside. I can guarantee you that the inside is very different! So if you want to enjoy your investment for as long as possible, choosing "wisely" is advisable.

The Macintosh comes with the accompanying keyboard and mouse. Those objects alone are already worth a fortune on auction websites. The keyboard (and mouse) are completely disassembled and cleaned professionally (see pictures). In my opinion it is my responsibility (as a seller) to provide a Germ-Free keyboard (a 2018 study found that 96% of the keyboards were contaminated with bacteria). So, I think we can agree that nobody wants a nasty, infected keyboard.

This 100 % working, professionally checked “Vintage” bundle includes “working software*”.

The following RARE software (and games) are installed on the hard disk (English versions):

– Adobe Photoshop 1 (the first version! = rare);
– Adobe Illustrator 1.1 (the first version! = rare);
– Aldus Pagemaker U.S. version 2.0a = rare;
– MacWrite 2;
– MacDraw;
– MacPaint 2;
– Microsoft Works (Word, Database, Spreadsheet, Communications);
– Microsoft Excel;
– Hypercard;
– TeachText,
– Calculator +;
– etc

– Stratego
– Mac Pong II
– Tetris
– Macman 2.0 (= Pac-man)
– Klondike 5.1 (= Card Game Solitaire)
– Star Wars (shooting game)
– Blackjack 4.0
– Brickles 2.0
– Hangman
– Yahtzee
– Mystery Box
– Lago

>> Disclaimer:
The computer only includes software & games that is classified as "abandonware" (= from the Public Domain, distributed over the internet and available freely, easily and readily). The software is supplied "free of charge" as a free service (for the retro-computing fan).

This model comes with an UPGRADED original Apple 40 SC MB hard disk (instead of the usual 20 MB hard disk). The hard disk is a original “Quantum Pro Drive” (Size: 3,5”, Half-Height= 41,3 mm) with Apple capable driver.

This bundle includes:
– the Macintosh SE [ with working 40MB SCSI hard drive – and 800 Kb optical drive = rare to find], assembled in Ireland;
– Apple Keyboard II (Model M0118, assembled in Ireland);
– Original Coiled cable for Apple Keyboard;
– Apple Desktop Mouse (one Button Vintage ADB), Model: M2706, made in Ireland ;
– Power cable (European);
– Lots of rare RETRO software & games installed on de hard disk;
– The "world-famous" pixel-art picture of "Stef Jobs".

The Macintosh SE has the following built-in ports:
– 2x ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) port;
– DB-19 floppy drive port
– DB-25 SCSI port
– serial modem port;
– serial printer port
– sound output.

The SE marks a crucial phase in Apple's computer line. And that makes this Apple Computer extremely RARE and EXCEPTIONAL … and therefore a good investment. In addition, the SEs that are typically sold have several cracks. This specimen has no single crack in the plastic.

– Model Number: M5011 (assembled in Ireland);
– Serial Number: C7340JXM5011;
– Total Memory: 4 MB;
– System Software Z1-6.0.8 (English version);

As these are "vintage items", they are being sold as. Normal signs of use and wear. But as an experienced connoisseur I can guarantee that these items are in VERY GOOD condition (always keeping in mind their age). The numerous images are part of the meticulous description. Thus: judge yourself!

– The internal floppy drive works like a charm (formatting, reading disks, eject). That is unique! Usually the "EJECT mechanism" fails. So the famous paperclip method isn't needed for this Mac!

Some words on the yellowing*.
Old computer cases are made of ABS plastics which contain at that time "bromine". The element bromine reacts over the time of years with UV light and causes some yellowing*. Some sellers "Retr0bright" their computers with chemicals. I am totally agains "Retr0brighting", because it causes structural changes in the plastic, it's not permanent – and it devalues historical items! So pay attention when buying retro-computers (alarm bells should ring when the case is to "gray").

The SE bundle is packaged securely and carefully for safe shipment.
Moreover, the SE bundle is shipped INSURED because of its precious value.

"One More Thing"
– Steve Jobs quote

Don't miss this unique opportunity.
Great opportunities don't come everyday!

Let the bidding begin … for this legendary Macintosh SE.

"One More Thing"
When in doubt, check my positive customer reviews ;)
(… because there are some "copycats" out there, who copy my style and pretend to be me).
By-the-way: There is only one "VISENTO"! That's me ;)

Macintosh SE, inklusive SOFTWARE & SPILPAKKE
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34.5×24.6×27.7 cm
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