1 pcs Diamant - 0.57 ct - Prinzess - D (farblos) - IF (makellos)

1 pcs Diamant - 0.57 ct - Prinzess - D (farblos) - IF (makellos)

Princess Cut 0.57ct D IF with IGI certificate - # 50

Important Information for buyers:

For a better information please check our customers reviews.

WILF3EX having more than 250 Positive reviews of 5 Stars.

Please give us a minute from your time scroll down and read this important information and the best tips for a smart buying.

We want to make this purchase easy and valuable for you.

Our Main Idea is to cut and trade in fine cut diamonds and best matching pairs of special shapes.

Our specialty is to cut and supply the most sparkling diamonds and ideal cuts diamonds in manufacturers prices.

Best price Guarantee for the quality of our diamonds.

All our Diamonds are natural and none conflict diamonds.

The only difference in importing a diamond from us is the shipping and the VAT payment via the courier company according to your country law.

Please scroll down to read about VAT and other important tips that we collected
for you.

Please Read before the bidding.

What comes with the Diamond?

All official details written in the Lot.

1. Original certificate
2. GIA, IGI and HRD diamonds usually come with Laser Inscription of the cert Number.
3. In every Lot there’s an indication and an image showing if the diamond is sealed or not.
In case you would like to seal a diamond which isn’t sealed, please let us know and we will advise the Laboratory cost and the time it takes to have it sealed.

All our diamonds come with 100% insurance policy and are delivered with FedEx in most of the orders.
For more details or a different shipping address you can write us once your purchase is complete.

How do I pay The VAT?
It’s very easy. You pay the VAT directly to the courier company.
Important: The VAT is not included in the price of the stone as it’s based on your country law.
The only difference between import and local purchases is the customs clearance fee which is between 30-50 Euro, depending on your country.


The import process is very simple as the shipping company does the entire import procedure.
All the customer has to do is pay the VAT with the exception of France - Due to the country regulations, the customs clearance must take place with customs broker (hence, the $200 shipping fee). In case a different shipping address is provided by the client (outside of France), 150 Euro will be refunded to him accordingly.

In Switzerland the VAT is only 7%.
In Hong Kong and the USA the VAT is 0%.

* We also offer a "By Passenger" service from Geneva Airport, Switzerland - The client can pick up the goods from Geneva Air Port without paying any tax. The cost of this service is additional 300 Euro.

Most important Tips for Buying a Diamond:

• Don’t buy cloudy stones – the clouds make the rough more milky which damages the luster and the light of the diamond and as a result it seems with no sparkle and life.

• When buying a round stone - always try to buy one with a Very Good to Excellent grading in cut, polish and Symmetry. In other shapes look for a nice ratio for ideal cuts.
• Please ask the seller if the stone has BGM (Brown-Green-Milky). The value of such diamonds can be lower in
• 20%-30% and most labs don’t write it on cert.
• When buying a diamond with an official invoice, you can always be sure that the law is with you in case someone sold you not a natural diamond or a treated one.

Please Read the information below and also check WILF3EX Reviews at Catawiki.

We're a Diamond Manufacturer that specializes in Fine Diamonds and Fine Cut which means Sparkling Diamonds. We specialize in Ideal Cut, Tolkowsky cut and Hearts and arrows. All our diamonds are planned by Sarin High Tech planning machines for Diamond Rough.
The result is of maximum accuracy in cutting and light reflection

Our rough origin is Syndicate rough and all our Diamonds are conflict free Diamonds with Kimberly certificate.

Our main goal is to offer consumers the right goods per the cut shape and the make of the Diamond.

All our Diamonds are with "NO BGM" which means we don't use Brown, Green or Milky rough, only pure Syndicate Rough with excellent luster. As a result, the polished diamond has the maximum light reflection and sparkle.

We guarantee the best reserve prices for the fine quality of the diamonds we offer.

Anzahl der Steine
Karatgewicht gesamt
Farbe und Tönung
D (farblos)
IF (makellos)
Laser graviert
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