Josep Mompou Dencausse (1888-1968) - Bodegón

Josep Mompou Dencausse (1888-1968) - Bodegón
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert - 1959

The painting is signed by the author at the bottom (Muixi)

At the back, the painting is again signed and dated in the year 1959.

In good condition and well framed.

Dimensions of the artwork: 60 cm height x 73 cm width

Dimensions of the frame: 84 cm height x 97 cm width


Biography of Josep Mompou Dencausse (Barcelona, 1888 - Vic, 1968)

He was a Catalan painter. He exhibited his works individually for the first time in 1908 in the Galleries Dalmau of Barcelona. Then, however, he was engaged in a type of satirical drawing of Decadentista type, which he also practiced in the magazine "Papitu".

Dedicated to family businesses-a major bell smelter-, but also to international commercial operations, he travelled all over western and Eastern Europe and favoured the development of his younger brother Frederic's musical career. From 1917, he intensified his artistic work.

Belonging to the Catalan generation of 1917, which consciously surpassed the noucentisme, he became a very refined and synthetic painter, using colours rooted in the fauve aesthetic, linked to the francization of his family origins and his style. He made numerous solo and collective exhibitions, and in the twenties and thirties he held a workshop in Paris, a city where he repeatedly exhibited, introduced, among others, by Waldemar George, while in Barcelona he was represented by the Sala Papara. The French government acquired part of his exhibited works at the Musée de Castres-and the Toledo Museum of Art (Ohio) as well, since he participated in several exhibitions in the United States.

Among his work stand out landscapes of the Costa Brava, Majorca, Paris or Normandy, interiors, still lifes and figures. Due to its dimensions and its emblematic character of the "Happy twenties" it is necessary to remark his great oil painting “Dancing” (1929, Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía).

Amateur of photography, many of its negatives, in glass plates, are preserved in the graphic unit of the Library of Catalonia.

A serious illness that led to the removal of a lung interrupted his career in 1934, which could not be completely restarted until the early 1940s, after spending the civil war in a Swiss sanatorium. During the postwar period, however, he found again his style and some of his most outstanding oils are from this period.

He also illustrated some bibliophile books about texts of Tomàs Garcés, Juan Ramon Jiménez and others, and he cultivated the engraving intaglio, especially within the collections of Rosa Vera. He was, on the other hand, the first renovator of the Catalan tapestry in the postwar period.

In 2009, the Fundación Caixa Catalunya dedicated an important anthology to him in La Pedrera.

Titel des Kunstwerks
Öl auf Leinwand
In gutem Gesamtzustand
84×97×3 cm
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