World Class Glass Studio Borowski 2020 - Glasobjekt, Schale - Glas

World Class Glass Studio Borowski 2020 - Glasobjekt, Schale - Glas
Polen - 2000 - bis heute

Vase Okapi

Mythical creatures made of glass.

The mysterious forest giraffe from Africa looks like something out of a fairy tale. Of course, our Borowski-style glass artists also gave it a humorous touch. In any case, it is decorative and presents flowers and fruit in an unusual way.
The object features at a glance:

Height: 37 cm
Length: 36 cm
Width: 19 cm

Handcrafted, each glass object is unique.

About Studio Borowski:
The top glass artist in the world, his works are mostly collected by celebrities, famous museums and personal collectors. A famous Polish glass artist, Stanislaw Borowski was born in France in 1944, and founded the Borowski Glass Studio in 1990.

Glasobjekt, Schale
Designer/ Künstler
World Class Glass Studio Borowski 2020
Modell/ Name
Okapi vase
Geschätzter Zeitraum
2000 - bis heute
Wie neu - unbenutzt
34×20×34 cm
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