Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) - Les Canaux gelés en Hollande, 1958-1960

Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) - Les Canaux gelés en Hollande, 1958-1960
Handgezogener Heliogravur - Signiert

Hand-pulled Heliogravure on Hahnemuhle wove paper
Signed in pencil lower left
Blind stamp of the printer, Pierre Brochet, lower right
Sheet size : 40 x 50 cm

Hand-pulled heliogravure, hardly used now but very popular in the later 19th century, involves the photographic transfer of the image to a copper plate, prepared with aquatint to give it tone, into which the design is etched. The plate is then hand-inked and printed from in the same way as an ordinary intaglio plate.
A hand-pulled heliogravure is just that – made by hand. Every print is inked and pulled by hand on a flat-bed press, and therefore each print is subtly unique. This is the gold-standard of all photomechanical processes. It is the process that William Henry Fox Talbot worked so hard to improve throughout his career, and that Karel Kilč eventually perfected. It is the process that Peter Henry Emerson, Alfred Stieglitz, Alvin Langdon Coburn, James Craig Annan and other great photographers worked tirelessly to master and embraced for some of their greatest works.

Edouard Boubat (1923-1999)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Les Canaux gelés en Hollande, 1958-1960
Handgezogener Heliogravur
SS (sehr schön)
Später gedruckt
245×375 mm
400×500×1 mm
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