Hrasarkos Hrair Keusseyan (1975) - Mère et enfant

Hrasarkos Hrair Keusseyan (1975) - Mère et enfant
Acryl auf Papier, Öl auf Papier - Handsigniert - 2020


Artiste- Hrasarkos (1975)
Oil, pastel, acrylic on paper, no stretcher, no frame
Dimensions: 40 x 50 cm
Signed, countersigned on the back
Certificate of authenticity included

HRASARKOS is a renowned painter using a luminous chromatic palette filled with joy with simple everyday life scenes that he selects based on his reflections and the corresponding feelings.
The visual artist gives free rein to his sensibility and his fantasy; he shows a large freedom of expression.
His work shows an exceptional harmony where light and colour are essential to the final purpose of the painting. His brushstroke shows a great eloquence of forms and a perfectly ordered structural basis of original stylistic intensity that we are not used to see in our region.
HRASARKOS tries to translate on his canvas, passion, dream, warm, strong and dominant, often complementary, colours that allow him to eloquently reveal his feelings as well as the very personal, both naive and expressionist, atmosphere of his work, with the magic coming along the privileged heavens of this expression.
Linearly bareness, chromatic strength, ‘HRASARKOS’ has been able to purify the shapes by giving a perfect balance to the layout.
There is a dynamism in his touch that characterizes a resolutely modern work, with very typical reminiscences.
Indeed, this artist has an ability to move both neophytes and art lovers.
He articulates his creativity on the basis of everyday life around the timeless theme of the woman, to which he attributes visual lyricism through his languorous and opulent art inevitably infused by his artistic scope for our greatest aesthetic happiness.

Titel des Kunstwerks
Mère et enfant
Acryl auf Papier, Öl auf Papier
Wie neu
40×50 cm
Angeboten mit Rahmen
40×50×1 cm
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