18 kt Gelbgold, Roségold - Anhänger, Antike viktorianische, Anno 1880 - Diamant, Gesamtdiamantgewicht 0,62 crt - Natürlich (unbehandelt), KEIN RESERVEPREIS

18 kt Gelbgold, Roségold - Anhänger, Antike viktorianische, Anno 1880 - Diamant, Gesamtdiamantgewicht 0,62 crt - Natürlich (unbehandelt), KEIN RESERVEPREIS
Größe: height 1,51 cm (0,59 inch) - Gesamtgewicht: 0.9 g

Type of jewel: Antique pendant set with old mine brilliant cut diamonds

Condition: very good

Style: Victorian

Era: ca. 1880

Material: 18K red and yellow gold and details in silver (touchstone tested)

Extra information: In the first photo, a metallic textile thread is visible to show how this item is worn as a pendant. All information in the description only relates to the pendant without this thread, eg the mentioned weight does not include the thread. The thread (as shown in the photo with a ruler in cm's and inches) comes with the pendant. Please note, this item will be sold without a chain/necklace.

Most probably "born" as an earring and somewhere in its life changed into this pendant.

Diamond(s): One old mine brilliant cut diamond, tested and guaranteed natural diamond (also called bolshevic) with an estimated weight of ± 0.30ct. (colour and clarity: E/F, vs/si).

Eight old mine brilliant cut diamonds, tested and guaranteed natural diamonds (also called bolshevics) with an estimated weight of ± 0.32ct. (colour and clarity: H/K, si/i).

Total diamond count: Nine pcs.

Total diamond weight: approx. 0.62 crt.

All diamond weights, color grades and clarity are approximate since the stones were not removed from their mounts to preserve the integrity of the setting.

We have all diamonds in all our vintage and antique jewellery tested by the IJGC - lab whether they are natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. When diamonds in our jewellery turn out to be lab-grown we don't offer them. Therefore we guarantee that all diamonds in this jewel are 100% natural.

Birth and month stones: Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April.

Hallmarks: No trace.

Dimensions: height 1,51 cm (0,59 inch) - See picture with a ruler in cm and inches

Weight: 0,90 gram (0,58 dwt)

Adin reference Nº: 20286-0202

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- Comes with professional report of authenticity.

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Anhänger, Antike viktorianische, Anno 1880 -
Gelbgold, Roségold
Feingehalt des Materials
18 kt
height 1,51 cm (0,59 inch)
0.9 g
Sehr guter Zustand - mit kleineren Gebrauchsspuren
Diamant, Gesamtdiamantgewicht 0,62 crt
Behandlung Hauptstein
Natürlich (unbehandelt)
Umliegende Steine
Natürlich (unbehandelt), KEIN RESERVEPREIS
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