Vlaamse School XVIII eeuw - Laatste avondmaal

Vlaamse School XVIII eeuw - Laatste avondmaal
Öl auf Tafel - Nicht signiert - Onbekend

Beautiful large panel of the last supper circa 1588 stamped with Antwerp hands and castle before 13 December 1617; not yet equipped with the panel makers initials until after 13 Dec 1617. The panel makers of Antwerp were obliged to provide their own initial on the oak panels.

The original painting was missing for a very long time and was only preserved via a print by Jan Saedeler 1 from circa 1588-95

This painting by an Antwerp master was painted after the long-lost original from circa 1590. Possibly painted by the master Peter Candid (1548-1628); at the end of the photos, I added a number of paintings. The portraits are strikingly similar to this evening meal! Especially notice the way the eyes and clothes are painted.

Work is beautiful and largely executed; never restored before. Painted on oak panel. Needs to be restored. Comes from a private collection in Antwerp.

Attached a study of the Antwerp panel makers 16th-17th century by Mr Van Damme yearbook Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp 1990. See additional photos.

Also book Peter Candid Brigitte volk knuttel 2009 duitscher verlag fur kunstwissenschaft Berlijn

Note: the painting can also be picked up. Too delicate for transportation.

Vlaamse School XVIII eeuw
Titel des Kunstwerks
Laatste avondmaal
Öl auf Tafel
Nicht signiert
Muss restauriert werden
74×124×1 cm
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