Cimbali Expresso Maschine - 1960 - Aluminium, Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen)

Cimbali Expresso Maschine - 1960 - Aluminium, Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen)
Italien - 1960

Amazing Cimbali expresso coffee machine, “Microcimbali”, from the 1st series, dating from 1960.
Being in perfect working condition, this machine is in aluminium and iron.
This is a second model with hammered grey painted base, differing from the previous for the group lever-piston removable from the top.
This S/1510 model has a 1L capacity and a 220V voltage, power 300w+1000w. This machine can be easily disassembled for maintenance without special tools.
This expresso coffee machine reaches the required pressure in 5-8 minutes and has the capacity for 12 coffees. Manual will be sent via email to buyer.
Photos are part of the description. MQ126
Dimensions: Height (black cap): 39cm / Height (lever): 50cm / Base: 23cm / Length: 36cm / Weight: 8Kg

Cimbali Expresso Maschine - 1960
Aluminium, Eisen (Gusseisen/ Schmiedeeisen)
Geschätzter Zeitraum
Guter Zustand - gebraucht mit geringen Alterungsanzeichen
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