San Marino. Euro 2004 (Bartolomeo Borghesi) FDC

San Marino. Euro 2004 (Bartolomeo Borghesi) FDC

1 coin of €2.00 from San Marino 2004.
Commemorative coin "Bartolomeo Borghesi"

Coin Sealed in plastic Card.

Condition: good.
It is a used item in good condition.

Photo magnification x 10 The magnification may cause the light, colours and sharpness to deviate at times.

Please view the Photos to form your own impression.

Will be shipped insured and registered with track & trace.

** Shipping outside the European Union (EU). They can be postponed up to 1 month.
(DHL -USPS - POST.NL) At the moment only pre-priority shipments will be accepted (only those who can be deliverd on the short term).
This comes with high shipping costs.

Land/ Provinz
San Marino
Jahr / Periode und Variation
2004 (Bartolomeo Borghesi) FDC
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