Niederlande. Mini-muntset 2002 met mini-Euromunten

Niederlande. Mini-muntset 2002 met mini-Euromunten
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)

The MINI coin set 2002 of the Netherlands 1 ct up to and including 2 euro
Coin set consists of coins with a size of 50% of the actual coins.
Issued by the 'KNM' (Royal Dutch Mint). Scarce and hard to find set
I have put a regular 2 Euro coin next to it for comparison, this will not be included.

Everything comes in the original packaging as issued by the Dutch Mint.

The pictures provide a good impression.

Land/ Provinz
Jahr / Periode und Variation
Mini-muntset 2002 met mini-Euromunten
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)
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