Serpentin Fliegender Spitzentiger - 19×9×6 cm - 1300 g

Serpentin Fliegender Spitzentiger - 19×9×6 cm - 1300 g

Product specification:
High quality red handmade agate carnelian
Excellent interior decoration
Size CM: 19 x 9 x 6
weight KG: 1.3
Origin: china
Healing: repair the soul
No major damage or cracks
Color: As shown in figure

About the freight
We will order special air transport wooden cases for logistics transportation.
Our logistics provider is DHL express
We will arrange shipment within 1 day of your payment.

Special attention: affected by COVID-19 epidemic, the logistics will be delayed for 3~5 days, and the logistics time limit is 9~18 days.

Hauptmineral/ Name Meteorit
Kristallform/ Art Meteorit
Fliegender Spitzentiger
19×9×6 cm
1300 g
Herkunft (Land)
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