Filippo Maso - Vase mit farbigen Stöcken, Aventurin und Murrine - Glas

Filippo Maso - Vase mit farbigen Stöcken, Aventurin und Murrine - Glas
Italien - 2000 - bis heute

Blown glass vase with ‘a canna’ technique, opened and moulded by hand in the furnace, produced by Vetreria Murano Design.

Decoration consists of assorted colourful ‘a canne’ technique, aventurine glass and Murrine Millefiori, which are small miniature mosaics mainly representing flowers.
Each glass element is carefully chosen, then arranged one by one on a plate until a unique and one-off composition is made.

Aventurine is a glass featuring bright specks, consisting of tiny metallic copper crystals precipitated during the cooling process of the melted substance. Due to its uncertain results, this manual and difficult processing has been called ‘aventurine’ from ‘ventura’ (‘uncertain adventure’). The secret of this processing got lost in the late 17th century, and was found again in the following century.

The item bears an engraved signature on glass. Warranty certificate included.

Height 22 cm
Diameter 13.5 cm

Professional packaging.
Express and insured shipping.

Vase mit farbigen Stöcken, Aventurin und Murrine
Designer/ Künstler
Filippo Maso
Geschätzter Zeitraum
2000 - bis heute
Wie neu - unbenutzt
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