Omega - 'NO RESERVE PRICE' GENEVE - 511.409 - Damen - 1970-1979

Omega - 'NO RESERVE PRICE' GENEVE - 511.409 - Damen - 1970-1979
Mechanischer Handaufzug - Stahl - Nein

OMEGA - GENEVE Mechanical Luxury Vintage Lady
Year 1975-78
Movement: Mechanical
Glass: Mica
Functions and Features: No Calendar.
Band Material: Leather (unused, not original) + Additionally 1 set of leather armband in different colors.
Case size Approx. 23.2mm x 27.1mm (crown not included)
Maximum band size (total arm) approx. 18.5 cm
Lug width: 12 mm
Original box: No (Comes with a nice carry box)
Documentum. No

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will never pay customs duties on this purchase;
You will never pay an additional customs fee for the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Hungary, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the USA. (Turgay guarantees this.)

The watch's dial is original.
The watch body is original.
The watch also provided full service.
Country of Manufacture: Switzerland
It is a high quality mechanical Swiss motion product produced after 1970.
It is a very rare model of the world famous Omega brand.
Luxury and unique Omega elegance.
Experience Omega with this perfect model.

- This product is in a great condition, if I can put it in one word.

- Never forget that this product has been with its previous owner for about 50 years.

Attention! The product is hand-wrapped. Don't say it's useless after you get it. Wrap and keep using it.

- Old products disappear from the market day by day.
- Never doubt that you will get these products at much higher prices after a while.
- For this reason, when you encounter old products suitable for your personal taste, if you believe that it is the right product for you, you should definitely buy that product.
- It will be very rare to see these products on the market after a while.

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I don't want to be disappointed when my clients come across an undesirable result.

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I do my best to avoid additional customs fees. Contact Turgay after purchasing this and let's decide what to do together.
However, Turgay is not responsible for any additional customs fees that are likely to occur.

ATTENTION !!! - Turgay guarantees that you will never pay an additional fee for the countries I mentioned above.

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We are human and we can produce solutions by speaking in an unwanted situation.

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Mechanischer Handaufzug
Material des Gehäuses
Luxus mechanische Vintage Lady Armbanduhr
Versicherter Versand
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