Carlo Ferrara - Regolatore CF3 - 11/50 - Herren - 2000-2010

Carlo Ferrara - Regolatore CF3 - 11/50 - Herren - 2000-2010
Mechanische Automatik - Stahl - Reisebox

Carlo Ferrara CF3 Regolatore watch
Limited Edition 11/50
42 mm
Swiss-made movement
Carlo FERRARA ‘UNICO AL MONDO’ [Unique in the world] patent
Second original crocodile leather strap.
No box.

Carlo Ferrara (1943–2012) was an Italian watchmaker, creator of a new time display system, known as ‘Regolatore’ [Regulator]. To overcome the continuous overlapping of the hour and minute hands, Carlo Ferrara devised a system based on two parallel dials - one for the hours, on the right, and one for the minutes, on the left - where the hands move both around their own axis and along a straight path. It is a horizontal and not a vertical Regulator, which is why the hour and minute hands never overlap; only the second hand has been kept, for convenience, in the centre of the dial. The first technical designs of this original device date back to 1991, when Carlo Ferrara developed a prototype on a 10:1 scale in collaboration with some Swiss designers. From then on, the Regulator, whose miniaturisation was carried out in Switzerland, has been perfected in detail several times and has led to an exclusive and entirely handcrafted production of a one-of-a-kind wrist regulator capable of ‘transforming the movement of the hands into an unexpected dance’. A new version of the watch that had made Carlo Ferrara famous all over the world was released in 2004: the ‘Regolatore Due’ [Regulator Two] based on the same mechanism as the first, but with the addition of a power reserve indicator and a second time zone. The collections that later appeared are ‘Quadro’ [Square] with a square-shaped case, ‘Sport’ with a dial featuring a more pronounced contrast and numerals with a more sporty style for easier legibility, ‘Jockey’ and ‘Diamanti’ [Diamonds], featuring cases decorated with precious metals and brilliants. In 2006, the model Le Cirque was released.

The model CF3 Regolatore was created by carefully improving the first prototypes, giving the piece a unique style and a perfect mechanism.

Carlo Ferrara died in 2012.

Carlo Ferrara
Regolatore CF3
Mechanische Automatik
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