Italien, Kirchenstaat. Leone III (795-816). Denario "Antiquiores" - zecca di Roma - RRRR

Italien, Kirchenstaat. Leone III (795-816). Denario "Antiquiores" - zecca di Roma - RRRR
Silber - Nicht zertifiziert

Pope Leone III, Denaro "Antiquiores", 795-800 d. C.
Silver, 1.49 g, 20,68 mm.

Obverse: In the field, on three lines separated by horizontal lines, - D N - / - LIONS - / PAPE
Reverse: Saint Peter's bust; a s., S / C / S e, a d., • / P / E / T / RV / S

Comparative bibliography: Muntoni 1972, p. 21 n. 3 (Leo VIII); MEC I, p. 563 n. 1033; Fusconi 2012, p. 83 n. 2; Toffanin 2017, p. 39 n. 28.

Notes (from Fusconi 2016): Initially attributed to Leo VIII (963-965), this coin was assigned by Grierson to Leo III on the basis of the presence of one specimen in the find at Delgany, Ireland, datable to about 830 (Evans 1882, p. 70 and pp. 78-79; Grierson 1952, pp. 826-828) and as many as three specimens in the find at Biebrich, Germany, datable to 790-800 (Volckers 1965, XLII, nos. 45-47).

Other notes: extremely rare coin, proposed with detailed numismatic expertise by Umberto Moruzzi (Rome).

Online bibliography on the subject of Antiquiores:

Land/ Provinz
Italien, Kirchenstaat
Leone III (795-816)
Denario "Antiquiores"
Jahr / Periode und Variation
- zecca di Roma - RRRR
Nicht zertifiziert
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