Maerten de Vos (1535-1603), Joan Sadeler (1550-1600) - Saint Sebaldus before Nurnberg, Are you watching me?

Maerten de Vos (1535-1603), Joan Sadeler (1550-1600) - Saint Sebaldus before Nurnberg, Are you watching me?
Gravur - Signiert in der Platte - 1598

Saint Sebaldus before Nurnberg, Are you watching me?

Saint Sebaldus (?-770) is preaching in a forest before the city of Nurnberg. In Venice known as San Sinebaldo.
In the crowd everybody is watching him. Only in the center is a woman watching straight at us.
As if she felt to be watched. Even the nobleman next to a pregnant woman at the right points at her.
Very special composition made after a painting/drawing of Maerten de Vos.
The city view is not invented but about the same as in 16th century atlases.

Saint Sebaldus: patronage against cold, weather.
There are several legends about him, son of a Danish king, married but left her on her wedding night for pelgrimage.

Maerten de Vos (1535-1603) was one of the leading Flemish renaissance painters. He traveled with Pieter Bruegel the Elder to Rome. He delivered many drawings for making engravings. From religious, emblem, allegory, landscapes and portraits often in a mannerist way. He made the best compositions.

Engraved by Johan, Joan Sadeler (1550-1600) in 1579. He was the first of the Sadeler dynasty of Flemish engravers who worked for many courts. His engravings are from a high quality made during the 80 years religious war.
He fled to Germany ca 1570.
At the end of his life he went to Italy were he worked in Venice.

This engraving is published by him in Venice.

From the series of Hermits: Trophaeum vitae solitariae.

References: Hollstein Dutch 1031 Maerten de Vos
The Illustrated Bartsch 397-2(3) second state of three with the number 7.
Written in iron ink number 34 to the right.

Very good dark impression with the high quality of Joan Sadeler's engraving technique.
Printed on thin laid paper with 1 mm - 40 mm margins.
Mounted on another laid paper with a watermark.

Delivered in a museum passe-partout.

Maerten de Vos (1535-1603), Joan Sadeler (1550-1600)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Saint Sebaldus before Nurnberg, Are you watching me?
1700 und früher
Signiert in der Platte
exzellenter Zustand
16.7×20.7×0 cm
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