Schweiz. 20 Francs 1896 Helvetica

Schweiz. 20 Francs 1896 Helvetica
Gold - Nicht zertifiziert

The reverse side of the coin shows a five-point star on a coat of arms with the Swiss cross on a normal cloak, embellished with a garland. On both sides of the coat of arms, the nominal value 20 FR is shown and the year of issue is printed underneath. The letter B under the crown of flowers is the mint mark, and confirms that the coin was struck in Bern. This design was used to strike the 20 Swiss Franc coin from 1886 to 1896. The first version issued shows that the diadem of the Goddess Liberty with crowned head bears the inscription "LIBERTAS", while the inscription that frames the portrait of Helvetia reads "CONFEDERATIO HELVETICA".
Gold Marengo, 1896.
Weight: 5.80 g.
21 x 1.25 mm.
Family collection.

Land/ Provinz
20 Francs
Jahr / Periode und Variation
1896 Helvetica
Nicht zertifiziert
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