Le Petit Vingtième - Reliure Amateur de 52 Fascicules - Année complète - L´oreille cassée - (1936)

Le Petit Vingtième - Reliure Amateur de 52 Fascicules - Année complète - L´oreille cassée - (1936)
Hergé - Sehr gut - 52 Magazin(e) - Le Vingtième Siècle

Considering the current prices of the individual issues of ‘Le Petit Vingtième’ (with some copies sometimes traded between specialists of ‘Le Petit Vingtième’ for several hundred Euros for the most sought-after issues), more and more collectors prefer to acquire these issues of ‘Le Petit Vingtième’ in complete years, usually with handmade amateur bindings.

This allows to acquire all the issues of the same year at once, and thus to own a very attractive book, allowing to read Tintin's adventures in black & white like in the ‘pre-war’ period, while benefiting from the visual and graphic aspect of all the beautiful colour covers drawn by Hergé over a year.

This is the reason why this lot is very interesting. ‘Le Petit Vingtième’: Complete year 1936’.

All the 52 issues are in beautiful overall condition, with very homogeneous interior pages, which is confirmed by the thickness of the binding, only 4.5 cm of pages in beautiful condition, without any reading marks, tears or folds.

Red hardcover, with an ‘old school’ presentation, spine and corners in dark red leather with a beautiful look.

Please note there is a little old damping mark on the top of the cover, nothing serious, and a few little rust spots, quite common for this newsprint from 1936, reinforcing further the age and authenticity of this year complete 1936.

This lot is a real ‘antique’ and ‘Hergé collector’s piece’ and is now to find in the attics of the readers of the time.

Even more than some black and white albums (sometimes sold for €5,000), the acquisition of these complete years of ‘Le Petit Vingtième’ with handmade amateur bindings is currently a wise and interesting investment, since these issues are the synthesis of Hergé's creative work before the war.

These bindings are very easy to access for all collectors wishing to dive into the early years of comics, without mastering the codes of the specialized bibliophilia of Hergé's black and white albums between 1930 and 1942, which may be complicated.

Hergé collector’s piece from 1936, very attractive, very sought after, and enjoyable to read.

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Le Petit Vingtième
Reliure Amateur de 52 Fascicules - Année complète - L´oreille cassée
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Le Vingtième Siècle
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