Martin-Ferrières Jacques (1893-1972) - Venise, le grand canal et les gondoles

Martin-Ferrières Jacques (1893-1972) - Venise, le grand canal et les gondoles
Öl auf Leinwand - Handsigniert

Jacques MARTIN-FERRIERES (1893-1972) 

“Venise, le grand canal et les gondoles”

Oil on canvas
38 x 55 cm 
Signed at the bottom left
Painting in mint condition. 
Modern frame.
Frame size: 51 x 68 cm

Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity 
Fast and careful shipping with insurance.

Painter Henri Martin,’s fourth son, Jacques Martin-Ferrières was very early well-trained by his father. He devoted himself definitively to his passion for painting after studying chemistry, which enable him, introduced to the requirements of pigments, to prepare his own colours.
It begins with interior decorations, feminine portraits, already against a background of large landscapes with expressive features. Curious about everything, a musician - excellent level in cello and piano - he likes to frequent theatres and concerts where he sketches face after face with a firm and facetious pencil. His first exhibitions at the Salon (1920, 1923) were a success. In 1924 he got a scholarship there which opened the doors of the traditional trip to Italy: he painted Venice, Florence, Rome, Assisi, He took a taste for travel, and would now live criss-crossing Europe - Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Scotland, Holland, Germany, Switzerland - in the summer traveling with a brush in his fingers as soon as a motif stopped him, winter in his workshop, nourishing his work. The flowers often also catch the attention of this colourist, those of the garden, planted for future compositions, or in bouquets picked for the workshop. In 1928, he undertook the construction of the décor of the Church of St Christopher of Javel in Paris. The success of this set brought him other commissions, in St-Ouen, Romans-sur-Isère, Montauban, St Louis in Marseille.
War has put a brake on this magnificent momentum. Jacques, as a result of the brutality suffered at the time, gradually lost the use of one eye: the painter did not reappear until 1956, but no more great compositions in which his vitality, his talent and his warm but always a little mocking look expressed themselves. However, he resumed his travels, notably in the United States, where he exhibited regularly. Until his death he painted, until his death he exhibited. The landscapes and flowers of Martin-Ferrières keep us company today with as much life, warmth and colour as if he were to enter the room.
Marie-Anne Destrebecq-Martin

Martin-Ferrières Jacques (1893-1972)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Venise, le grand canal et les gondoles
Öl auf Leinwand
Oeuvre unique
exzellenter Zustand
38×55×0 cm
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