Joan Martí Aragonés (1936-2009) - Chica de perfil

Joan Martí Aragonés (1936-2009) - Chica de perfil
Pastell - Handsigniert - 1989

JOAN MARTÍ ARAGONÉS, (Barcelona, 1936 - 2009).

Beautiful pastel on paper depicting a girl in profile.

Signed and dated 1989, it comes with a large frame, passe-par-tout and glass.

In good condition.

Dimensions: 39 x 28.5 cm 69 x 59.7 cm. (with frame)

Biography of Joan Martí Aragonés: (Barcelona, 1936 - 2009)

Joan Martí Aragonés, a Catalan painter, was born in Barcelona during the fratricidal Spanish Civil War. At the age of thirteen, he was admitted as an apprentice in the studio of the painter Nolasc Valls. From the beginning of his career, Joan Martí showed a clear preference for figurative art. He was determined to become a painter and he entered in Barcelona’s Escuela de Bellas Artes. At the end of his studies, he obtained a scholarship in order to further his studies in Italy and America.

When he was very young, at the age of twenty-one, he held his first individual exhibition. Six years later, after a deep reflection upon his painting, he held his second exhibition, this time in the Jaimes Gallery, located in the famous Paseo de Gracia, in Barcelona. It was a big success. Since then, his pictorial work continued through exhibitions in the best galleries in Spain and the world.

From the beginning, Marti felt magnetized by the human figure and the scenes of everyday life. He was also interested by nature and urban landscapes.

He has exhibited his works both in Europe and America. Some of his graphic works are in the USA and in Japan.
In 1991, he made several portraits of S.M. King Don Juan Carlos as a navigator, and he painted countless portraits including: Jordi Pujol (former president of the Generalitat de Catalunya) and his wife Marta Ferrusola, Plácido Domingo (compendium of 22 works about the opera Otello); the writer Josep Plá, the scientist Joan Oró and many others.

En 1992-1993. Joan Martí painted a portrait of the sfaff of Futbol Club Barcelona, with 31 characters. The dimensions were 3.5 x 2.3. This work was carried out on the occasion of the achievement of the first European Cup. This portrait is located at the Barça’s headquarters.

For his works he uses all kinds of means: Oil, Pastel, Charcoals, Watercolour...

Mixed Media
Joan Martí Aragonés (1936-2009)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Chica de perfil
exzellenter Zustand
69×60×5 cm
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