Olympische Spiele - Olympiska Spelen Antwerpen 1920 - Buch

Olympische Spiele - Olympiska Spelen Antwerpen 1920 - Buch

This lot is for the rare book "Olympiska Games I Antwerp 1920", compiled by Erik Bergvall and published in Stockholm in 1920.

This over 100-year-old (!) book contains 160 pages in total and is the complete reference book about these Games. The book is very richly illustrated with hundreds of photographs and every discipline is discussed with many photographs, as well as some photos of the Dutch football team.

The album has some age spots on the front and back covers and a small hole on the back. The pages on the inside all still look beautiful, especially considering this book is now over a century old! The book has no writing in it. The dimensions of this reference work is 36.5 cm x 27 cm.

A special item for the collector of old Olympic memorabilia.

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Sport/ Veranstaltung
Olympiska Spelen Antwerpen 1920
Olympische Spiele
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