18 kt Roségold, Silber - Brosche Diamanten - Antike viktorianische, Anno 1870

18 kt Roségold, Silber - Brosche Diamanten - Antike viktorianische, Anno 1870
Größe: Width: 5,46 cm (2,15 inch) - Gesamtgewicht: 9.9 g

Type of jewel: Vintage antique diamond trembleuze brooch

Condition: very good

Style: Antique Victorian

Style characteristics: Experts divide the reign of Queen Victoria, also called The Victorian era (1837 - 1901) into three periods of about twenty years each; The Romantic Victorian Period (1837 - 1860), The Grand Victorian Period (1860 - 1880), and the Late or Aesthetic Victorian Period (1880 - 1901).

We consider this to be of the Grand Victorian Period.

Era: ca. 1870

Inspired by: flower symbolism

Material: 18K red gold and silver (touchstone tested)

Technique: Gold-backed silver or the silver on gold technique. This technique finds its origin centuries ago, when jewelers believed that only a silver mounting could render the true beauty of a diamond. Backing the silver jewel with a (thin) layer of gold was a practical precaution taken to avoid the silver jewelry leaving black stains on clothing or skin. Over the years, with the recognition (and thus use) of platinum as precious metal and the development of white gold the practical necessity to use bi-colored material became obsolete. The argument to use bi-colored metals became more an esthetic then a practical one.

Extra information: Tremblant or Trembleuse - Tremblant is French for "trembling". Referring to a jewel decorated with a flower or other motif that has at the top stiff projecting wires (embellished with gemstones) that tremble when the piece is subjected to any movement. Sometimes the projections are finely coiled silver springs, such as were used in the 18th century, but some examples were made with tubular stems enclosing a strip of steel spring.

Diamond(s): 36 senaille diamond cut and rose cut diamonds, tested and guaranteed natural diamonds. A senaille is a simplified rose cut diamond, a small diamond chip with perhaps a few polished facets. We do not have the weight of these diamonds which is normal in our trade when it comes to senailles or rose cuts.

We have all diamonds in all our vintage and antique jewellery tested by the IJGC - lab whether they are natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. When diamonds in our jewellery turn out to be lab-grown we don't offer them. Therefore we guarantee that all diamonds in this jewel are 100% natural.

Birth and month stones: Diamond is the birthstone (or month stone) for April.

Hallmarks: No trace.

Dimensions: Width: 5,46 cm (2,15 inch) - See picture with a ruler in cm and inches

Weight: 9,90 gram (6,37 dwt)

Adin reference Nº: 21116-0359

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Roségold, Silber
Feingehalt des Materials
18 kt
Width: 5,46 cm (2,15 inch)
9.9 g
Sehr guter Zustand - mit kleineren Gebrauchsspuren
Umliegende Steine
Antike viktorianische, Anno 1870
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