Frankreich 1944/1945 - Set of wartime documents / archives in an album. - Yvert

Frankreich 1944/1945 - Set of wartime documents / archives in an album. - Yvert
Bedarfspost, gestempelt, MH (ungebraucht)

Very nice set of documents, archives, postcards, stamps, plates, postal stationery, cards, facsimile of posters, press articles, philatelic documents, blocks, First days, various articles, etc...., gathered by a collector fascinated by the Second World War in an album, here the end of the war, period 44/45 + commemorative stamps of the Victory....
Note two Dulac blocks with edges of sheets and cross marks + mention of the publisher in London.
With two rare originals from a German newspaper, one from the day of the landing, 6 June 1944.
Quite disparate but historically informative with sometimes rare documents to find/collect, German and French issues/editions.
A moving set from a group dispersed in this sale, not to be missed by all those who are interested in this period and which is still very present in our minds.
To be seen and without reserve price.

Please see the photos.

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Ensemble de documents/archives de Guerre dans un album
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Bedarfspost, gestempelt, MH (ungebraucht)
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