Taiko - 72 cl

Taiko - 72 cl
Nihonshudo 17%

Taiko no Izanai

The only real 'seawater sake'. While almost all seawater sake is made on the island of Shikoku, to be sold to tourists, these are filtered and diluted so that you can barely see
that the sea was involved. So the seawater used for Taiko no Izanai was unfiltered and almost undiluted you couldn't drink it for the first three years. Now after 12 years of ageing, it has a
harmonious balance between understated salty taste, maturation and minimally polished organic rice.
Completely unique (made only once) sake with a heavy taste. Slow-brew yamahai, natural yeast, slow
pressed, unpasteurised, unfiltered and undiluted.

Brauerei/ Marke
no Izanai
Alkoholgehalt auf dem Etikett
72 cl
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