Seiko - "NO RESERVE PRICE" Pepsi Pogue Chronograph - 6139 - 6005 - Herren - 1970-1979

Seiko - "NO RESERVE PRICE" Pepsi Pogue Chronograph - 6139 - 6005 - Herren - 1970-1979
Mechanische Automatik - Stahl

I am proud to offer one of the most iconic models of Seiko and chronograph watch history: SEIKO Pepsi Pogue (6139-6005). It keeps its original SEIKO movement. Condition: Perfect as new.. Cleaned and polished.The watch hands, bezel insert inner ring , bracelet, and dial are aftermarket only movement is originals..Rotating inner bezel. Chrono reset is perfect.
Original thick flat crystal, it is in excellent condition. Beautiful dial in excellent condition!

***The First Chronograph in Space***
This model also called "Seiko Pogue", because astronaut William R. Pogue (Col. Pogue) wore a 6139-6005 during the NASA Skylab 4 mission in 1973 (see the last picture).

***The World’s First Automatic Chronograph***
In 1969, A few big names produced automatic chronograph. However, when it comes to who first achieved serial production of the automatic chronograph, Seiko may have quietly beaten them by releasing to the Japanese market in May 1969.


Movement: cal. 6139B Japan - 17 Jewels
Manufactured Date: November, 1976
Instructions: Upper button starts and stops chronometer second and lower button reset it after stopping. Pushing crown sets the date and pushing harder sets both of day and date quickly.
Case-Size: 40.8mm (without crown), Lug-to-Lug: 46.5mm
Band-Size: Fits up to approx. 20cm (wrist size), Lug: 19mm
Service: The watch was recently controlled by an experienced watchmaker before the auction.
Condition: Mint. Unnoticeable minor wear on case. Clean dial. The inner bezel working perfectly (very hard to find one with working inner bezel like that). Fully functional. Water-resistant NOT tested. Please look at photos carefully to see the exact condition).

"NO RESERVE PRICE" Pepsi Pogue Chronograph
6139 - 6005
Mechanische Automatik
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