Georges BINET (1865-1949) - Bord de Seine à Villequier

Georges BINET (1865-1949) - Bord de Seine à Villequier
Öl auf Tafel - Handsigniert

Georges Binet (1865-1949)

“Bord de Seine à Villequier, lumière du soir”

Oil on panel
Size: 27 x 35 cm
Signed on the bottom right
Painting in perfect state of preservation.
Gilded carved frame.
Size with frame: 41 x 49 cm

Sold with invoice and certificate of authenticity.
Fast and careful shipping with insurance

Georges Binet's fame was built around his work as a landscape artist. An artist from Normandy, he depicts the lively banks of the Seine in the early 20th century. Born in Le Havre, Georges Binet first took painting classes with Charles Lhullier, then moved to Paris where he attended the workshops of Louis-Joseph-Raphael Collin and Fernand Cormon. After this academic training, the painter moved to the Impressionist style. Eugène Boudin, Camille Pissarro and Claude Monet particularly influenced him in the transcription of the fleeting aspects of the Seine estuary. In the early years of the 20th century, Binet returned to the Pays de Caux. He then spent winter in Le Havre, domiciled at 27 rue Saint Roch. In the summer, he settled in Villequier, on the banks of the Seine. There, Binet made portraits, composed still lifes and also did some decorative work; for example, in collaboration with Guillaume Le Vasseur, he made a stained glass window for a family of shipowners at the Rocques manor house on the road to Caudebec-en-Caux.
In 1941, Georges Binet left Normandy for Provence and moved to Toulon. His Normandy landscapes, his views of the beaches of the Pays de Caux depicted using the impressionist technique, are however the most appreciated by amateurs. These compositions are characterised by beautiful, light, shifting patches, barely sketched architectures, etc...
He exhibited at the ‘Salon des artistes français’ (Salon of French artists) from 1889 to 1939, especially in 1903: “Pâturage près de Caudebec en Caux” and at the 1906 Colonial Exhibition in Marseille.
He collaborated in the execution of the panorama of Madagascar and then, with Fernand Cormon, in the execution of the two main decorative panels of the Orsay station in Paris. He is the author of the panorama of the city of Le Havre adorning one of the salons of the old town hall of Le Havre built in 1857 by the architect Charles Brunet-Debaine and destroyed by the bombings of 1944.
Some of his other works are referenced by the Ministry of Culture

Georges BINET (1865-1949)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Bord de Seine à Villequier
Öl auf Tafel
Oeuvre unique
exzellenter Zustand
27×35×0 cm
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