Juan Manuel Pajares - Crazy Love

Juan Manuel Pajares - Crazy Love
Giclée - Handsigniert - 100 - 2021

Juan M. Pajares, Crazy Love (2021)

- Limited Edition of 100. (cat. ref. JM-491-2)
Canvas format with Certified Artist Stamp
- Hand Signed by Juan Manuel Pajares
- Certificate of authenticity issued by Pajares Art Gallery (Barcelona)

"Practicing the art of cut-up and editing, Pajares is not strictly speaking a painter. A self-taught artist, as much a poet and flâneur as a sociologist, each of his paintings is akin to the cinematographic experiments of Guy Debord or Godard. Most of the time, only using elements belonging to the world of advertising, politics or the street, his works are true pictorial reflections on the history of our societies saturated with signs.

Closer, in this respect, to Situationist militancy than to surrealism or the Dada movement, Pajares is first and foremost a master of diversion. Deeply influenced by his wanderings in the streets of New York, his work is in the image of his walls left fallow and which gradually, under the repeated assaults of passers-by, end up being nothing more than a sort of mass grave. that collide.

But rather than seeing in this disorderly accumulation of images and symbols, the simple reproduction of a state of affairs, should we not, as Roland Barthes did with regard to myths, see in his paintings a global meaning that can in no case be confused with the meaning of its elements?

Because there is something like a principle of charity that works at the heart of all the compositions of Juan Manuel Pajares; a kind of ethical breath that gives his paintings a dimension that greatly exceeds the meaning of their elements. By depriving the images he uses of their aggressive connotation, he defuses their negative charge, or rather, he subverts their meaning and intention. Collages, stencils, posters, tags: so many images, so many codes whose force of impact is miraculously canceled, or even, as subverted from within.

All of Pajares’s art therefore condenses in this inversion, in this insurrection of signs against themselves. While for the world of communication and marketing (whether this marketing is political, commercial or even self-referential, as is the case in graffiti) the denoted meaning of a message (the literal meaning of a sentence, of an image, of a sign), always disappears in front of what it is supposed to connote (its metaphorical meaning), the works of Pajares have this strange property of freeing the signs they use from their enslavement to the real , that is, of their subordination to the binary world of communication."
_Baiting, Frédéric-Charles. "Juan Manuel Pajares. L’insurrection des signes."

Pajares had great impact at “Agora Gallery” in Soho, New York in 2000, being New York his main source of inspiration. More exhibitions would follow in France, Spain, London, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Singapore, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles, becoming one of most desired urban artists in Europe.
Pajares is currently staying true to his passion, creating work in his workshop for the numerous collectors around the world.

Pajares work in magazines:
-Z!NK magazine (2000s)
-Residences Decoration magazine n. 81, July (2003)

Pajares work in TV:
-France 5 TV channel hosted by Stéphane Thebaut in October 21, 2016

Juan M. Pajares exhibitions and shows:

-Discovery Art Fair Cologne, Cologne (Germany)

-Gallery Zandi, Berlin (Germany)@
-Berliner Liste Discovery Art Fair, Berlin (Germany)

-Hotel Eurostars Monumental de Barcelona

-Galeria Guerrero, Sitges (Spain)

-Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong)
-Hotel Eurostars Monumental de Barcelona@
-Art for Progress, New York, USA
-Galeria Art Point, Lleida (Spain)
-Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Galeria Guerrero, Sitges (Spain)
-Villa del Arte Contemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Gregs Gallery, Timmendorfer Strand (Germany)

Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)
-Galeria Guerrero, Sitges (Spain)
-Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Gregs Gallery, Timmendorfer Strand (Germany)
-Art for Progress, New York, USA

-Affordable Art Fair (Los Angeles, Milan & Brussels)
-Galeria Guerrero, Sitges (Spain)
-Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Gregs Gallery, Timmendorfer Strand (Germany)
-Villa del Arte Contemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)

-Affordable Art Fair (Padova, Los Angeles, Milan, Singapore, London & Brussels)
-Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Art Toronto (Villa del arte galleries. Toronto (Canada)
-Fountain Art Fair Miami (art for progress) Miami (USA)

-Villa del Arte Contemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona
-Critical Mass event, Art For Progress, New York
-Affordable Art Fair (Amsterdam, Paris, New York, & London)
-Morier Gallery, Bordeaux (France)
-Brelan d'Art Galley, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (France)
-art3f Bordeaux-International Contemporary Art Fair, Bordeaux (France)@
-Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)

-St-Art Strasbourg, Strasbourg (France)
-Lille Art Fair, Lille (France)
-Alain Daudet Galerie, Toulouse (France)
-Nexus Urbanos, Bogota (colombia)
-Frances Llopis Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Marie Leduc Gallery, Nice (France)
-Base Elements Urban Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
-Villa del Arte Contemporary Art Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)

-St-Art Strasbourg, Strasbourg (France)
-Art e Nim. Nimes (France)
-Collage Gallery, Lleida (Spain)

-Gallery Bar Orchard Street, New York (USA)
-Contemporary Art Fair, Vigo (Spain)
-Art e Nim. Nimes (France)
-Grenoble Art Fair, France
-Christie's Gallery, Paris

-Grenoble Art Fair, France
-Art e Nim. Nimes (France)
-Art For Progress, New York (USA)

Art For Progress, Miami (USA)
Art For Progress, New York (USA)

-Aterlier International Art, New York (USA)

-Art For Progress, New York (USA)

-Agora Gallery, New York (USA)

Juan Manuel Pajares
Titel des Kunstwerks
Crazy Love
54×0.1×54 cm
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