Spanien 1950/2019 - Collection in blocks of 4 in 16 albums

Spanien 1950/2019 - Collection in blocks of 4 in 16 albums
MNH (postfrisch)

Complete collection of stamps in blocks of 4 from Spain.

Mounted in 16 albums with supplements.

Missing only 1075/82, 1083, 1083 a / b, 1088/90 and 1124/25

In the first volume from 1950 to 1962 in 1 or 2 stamps of the block there are Hinge stamps the rest MNH

Contains stamps, mini sheets and machine booklets from 1950
to 2019. Blocks of 4.

Naturally, there is only one of each block sheet and machine booklet,
as they don't come in blocks of 4.

MNH stamps in good condition.

See photographs. Only a few were taken to give a general idea.

Very high Edifil catalogue value.

The face value alone is higher
at approximately € 4500 + 3000/4000 Euros of material

Geographische Herkunft
Kurze Beschreibung
Colección en bloques de 4 en 16 álbumes
Jahr der ältesten Briefmarken
Jahr der jüngsten Briefmarken
MNH (postfrisch)
Mit Zertifikat oder Expertensignatur
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