Hassan et Kaddour – Le voleur de Bagdad / De dief van Bagdad - Planche originale (planche 52) - Avec album de luxe - Hardcover - Erstausgabe - (1948/2021)

Hassan et Kaddour – Le voleur de Bagdad / De dief van Bagdad - Planche originale (planche 52) - Avec album de luxe - Hardcover - Erstausgabe - (1948/2021)
Laudy, Jacques - Sehr gut - 1 Originalzeichnungen - Editions Hauwaerts

Large-size album, ‘Hassan et Kaddour’ ‘Le Voleur de Baghdad’ (plate size: 41 x 53 cm), cloth-lined spine, with original plate.
This luxurious and exclusive book is a limited edition of 100 numbered copies, the first fifty copies feature an original plate of the story included.
An article about Jacques Laudy written by Didier Pasamonik was added as a preface.

The original plates were illustrated by Jacques Laudy in 1948, and published in ‘Le Journal de Tintin’ on April 29th, 1948 (N°18) until July 21st, 1948 (N°29). The story was then republished in Dutch in the Flemish magazine ‘Ons Volkske’. ‘Le Voleur de Baghdad’ was released as an album in 1979 by Bedescope in French and by Panda in Dutch. Please note that two plates were missing in these editions. They are now included in this album for sale. This album is the first edition with the complete story. The plates included in this album were reproduced after the original illustrations available, and supplemented by reproductions from ‘Le Journal de Tintin’.

With its double front cover (in French on one side, in Dutch on the other side) and the mix of plates in both languages, the album perfectly expresses the Belgian spirit of ‘Le Journal de Tintin’ / ‘Weekblad Kuifje’ and of Jacques Laudy himself, whose father was Dutch. With annotations handwritten by Jacques Laudy in both languages.
There are some historical annotations such as: ‘KRAK (note for the attention of M. Van Millegem)’ example of a message written by Laudy to Karel Van Milleghem (editor-in-chief of Weekblad Kuifje) asking him to translate the onomatopoeia (in the example ‘CRAC’ becomes ‘KRAK’).

There are four types of original plates:
1. Plates with text strips in French pasted above the original text.
2. Plates with text strips in Dutch pasted above the original text.
3. Plates with removed text strips, showing the original text in French written by J. Laudy in pencil.
4. Plates without text.

It is probably possible to neatly remove the text strips.
Some plates are signed by the author (please look at the description of each individual plate).
The original plates are in good condition, the album is in perfect condition.
Shipped in a professional cardboard package, very protective and resistant. It perfectly protects heavy and fragile products. In double wall cardboard, with a kraft outer cover, the package is resistant to bursting, dampness and temperature variations.
It may exceptionally be collected on site by appointment in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

Hassan et Kaddour – Le voleur de Bagdad / De dief van Bagdad
- Planche originale (planche 52)
Avec album de luxe
Jahr, ältestes Objekt
Jahr des jüngsten Artikel
Sehr gut
Nummerierte limitierte Auflage, Originalzeichnung
Editions Hauwaerts
Laudy, Jacques
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