Simone Conti - "Natura Morta" Serie "Fiori Scomposti"mosaico di 12 fotografie a sublimazione

Simone Conti - "Natura Morta" Serie "Fiori Scomposti"mosaico di 12 fotografie a sublimazione
Digitaldruck - Handsigniert - 1/9 - 2021

“Natura Morta”.

Mosaic consisting of twelve 10 x 15 cm Canon photographic sublimation prints.

Fine-art photography digital matrix.

The expertise certificate will be provided.

Frame not included.

“Fiori Scomposti” is the result of the attention that Simone Conti pays to the infinite ways in which Beauty shows itself in nature.

It is a series of refined fine art photographs challenging the ephemeral and elusive essence of life, they almost lyrically capture the instants in which it shows itself and gradually takes shape until its inexorable decline.

But fragmenting the portrayed image and recomposing it mentally into an overlapping of instant shots, here emerges a new life, capable for a moment of going beyond and forgetting about the world, crossing its barriers of space and time.

In a continuous search for perfection both of the image itself and of its more specific technical features, I started a personal path of experiments with methodologies, tools, and equipment.

This was followed by a gradual transition from small format to medium format in digital PhaseOne, an experience that allowed him to enter the gallery of photographers of the well-known manufacturer of professional photographic systems between 2013 and 2015, with the “Invasioni Portraits” series and the “Summer ice” series used for divulgation purposes for the Capture One 7 software and for the camera system, until the transition to the large analog format, and last but not least, to instant photos.

A significant part of my production is focused on portrait in all its multiple forms and expressions. From the experiments of an ideal and virtual beauty, made possible by a manic search for perfection in the digital post-production phase, I moved towards the representation of reality, which founds the essence of its beauty in imperfection.

Lately, I have been focusing my attention on subjects that lend themselves to multiple interpretations, trespassing into conceptual and abstract art, while having elements taken from the world of natural reality as a starting point.

Presence with single works or larger projects at the XI international art biennial exhibition in Rome, the European Photo Festival, the Pontremoli Foto Festival, Parallelamente.

His works are part of many private collections throughout Europe.

Simone Conti
Titel des Kunstwerks
"Natura Morta" Serie "Fiori Scomposti"mosaico di 12 fotografie a sublimazione
exzellenter Zustand
38.5×43.5×0.2 cm
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