Roberto Cavalli - "Visioni" New York

Roberto Cavalli - "Visioni" New York
Fotodruck auf Forex - Cm. 50x75 - Mit Rahmen - Ausgabe 1/50 - Handsigniert

Original photo from the series called “VISIONI” - NEW YORK.

Please note! This original photo measures 50 x 75 x 4 cm.
Please note! This original photo is already complete with its handcrafted frame.
Please note! This original photo is published in the big book made in New York in 2017 entitled “To the 5 Boroughs” / The book, signed and with dedication, will be shipped together with the photo.
Please note! This photo was taken with the multiple exposure technique during the shooting. The use of post production is limited to the only control of contrasts.

An original photo with sought-after subject has added values.
This is part of a project in progress entitled “VISIONI”, a project that I have been carrying out since 1999. It includes the use of the photographic technique of “multiple exposures during the shooting”.
Specifically, this is an iconic image of Times Square, New York, and that’s also the reason of its great success; in recent years the photos of the “Visioni” project have been sold and shipped all over the world (from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and throughout Europe).
What are its strengths? I selected three:
1. size (large-sized, 50 x 75 x 4 cm);
2. frame (already mounted and handcrafted);
3. publication (which increases its value).

What are you waiting for?

Artist: Roberto Cavalli.
Title: “ONE WAY”.
Edition: 1/50.
Photo size: 50 x 75 cm.
Frame size: 50.5 x 75.5 x 4.5 cm.
Signature: signed on the back.
Print: photographic print on Forex.
Frame: custom-made black wooden handcrafted frame.
Authentication: printed and signed.
Publication: photo published in the big book “To the 5 Boroughs” + book with signature and dedication free of charge.

Shipping via express courier / 3 business days / UPS, number one shipping company in the world.
Insured shipping with bubble wrap and cardboard packaging.


1st place at Premio Arte 2004 and group exhibition at: Palazzo Della Permanente in Milan from 17 to 27 October
1st place at the “Click Note Fotografiche” competition (AUDIENCE & LIVE category), organised by the MEI of Faenza
1st place at Premio Celeste 2007 (online voting) and group exhibition: I.S.A., Rome, from 5 to 13 December

Roberto Cavalli
Titel des Kunstwerks
"Visioni" New York
Fotodruck auf Forex - Cm. 50x75 - Mit Rahmen - Ausgabe 1/50
exzellenter Zustand
50×75×4 cm
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