Piero Manai (1951-1988) - Colori

Piero Manai (1951-1988) - Colori
Siebdruck im Rahmen - Handsigniert - PA (Artist Proof) - 50x150 cm.

He began his activity in the late sixties at a very young age, when he experienced an early period of hyperrealistic and pop figuration, during which he often represented the items of the painting profession: colour tins, pencils, charcoals, experimenting with different techniques. His obvious references are some great figures of art history such as Cézanne, Bacon, Schiele, Ensor. Manai exhibited in several galleries and museums in Italy and abroad, including PS1 in New York (1982). He participated in the exhibitions “Nuova Immagine” at the Triennale di Milano (1980), “Linee della ricerca artistica italiana 1960-80” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (1981), “Italian Art 1960-80” at the Hayward Gallery in London (1982), at the “Biennale des Jeunes” in Paris (1982), and he exhibited at the Kunstverein in Hannover (1985) and Frankfurt (1986). In 2004 the modern art gallery of Bologna and Palazzo Saraceni together proposed his first retrospective exhibition curated by Peter Weiermair, from 8 October to 5 December. Two complementary exhibitions that account for the breadth and expressive complexity of his production. The time frame extends from an early drawing in 1968 to the large paintings made in the last year of his life. 2019, the P42O and CAR DRDE galleries from Bologna set up a solo exhibition of Manai’s works, organised in collaboration with the artist’s heirs, that included a selection of works created in the 1980s.

Artist’s proof by master Manai, size 157 x 58 cm, with a new white lacquered box frame made by master artisans.

Insured shipping worldwide and professional packaging.

Please note: the work includes a new handcrafted frame, but no glass, as no courier guarantees its integrity.

Please note: the edition number may be different from that shown in the images. However, you will receive a work with the same identical features as the piece depicted in this auction.

Piero Manai (1951-1988)
Titel des Kunstwerks
Siebdruck im Rahmen
PA (Artist Proof) - 50x150 cm.
Guter Zustand
50×150×0 cm
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