Valerian Lenud - How To Be A Super Hero

Valerian Lenud - How To Be A Super Hero
Giclée - Handsigniert, Signiert in der Platte - 100

How To Be A Super Hero - Limited edition of 100.

Hand Signed by Valerian Lenud.

High quality material: giclée on 320g 100% cotton watercolour paper. Personally numbered and signed. Authentic certification stamp.

Including black wooden or white wooden frame!!
Buyer can chose.

Valérian, or Valé Stencil, is a french street artist born in 1990. Now based in Mexico City after a decade of travel, Valé has developed an aesthetic that combines figurative stencil compositions with pop-graffiti styling, both as murals and canvas artworks. With a strong compassion and belief in human spirit, his works can be seen as a mirror to our common humanity.

Combining various techniques, his work is primarily constructed with numerous layers of hand-cut stencils, painted with a mix of brushes, aerosol cans, pallet knives or markers. Within this practice he combines bright shiny colors and grey tons on subtle shading stencils to achieve a sense of photorealism.

Valérian’s work contrasts recognizable pop-iconography with local culture imagery in his works, in order to portray the multifaceted identity of each culture he encounters during his travels around the world. This juxtaposition pays tribute to urban art by contrasting the grey of the streets with the intense colours that represent the vibrancy of life. See more.

Valérian collaborates with galleries, social projects, festivals and brands. His artwork can be found in galleries in Paris, Saint-Tropez, Monaco, New-York, Amsterdam, Spain, Italy, México, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. To name some places, he exhibited with Galerie Saint-Martin and Galerie Sonia Monti in France, in the Franz Mayer Museum and Carré d’Artistes in Mexico, or Carré d’Artistes New-York in USA.

He has been covered by StreetArt NYC, Konbini, Cultura Colectiva, Estilo DF and commissioned for projects including Jaguar Land Rover, Montana, Comex or Santander.

Valerian Lenud
Titel des Kunstwerks
How To Be A Super Hero
Handsigniert, Signiert in der Platte
exzellenter Zustand
50×50×0 cm
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