Litauen. 19,18 Euro 2020

Litauen. 19,18 Euro 2020
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)

First Blockchain coin 'LBCOIN' 2020 issued by the bank of Lithuania

The silver LBCoin looks like a credit card with a value of '19.18 euro'. The reverse of the coin has the colours of the Lithuanian flag and the national anthem printed in binary code. The Lithuanian Vytis badge with QR-code is on the obverse.

This is a silver LBCoin coin of €19.18 in proof quality in the shape of a credit card.

Unique collector's coin, mintage of only 4,000 pieces!

Land/ Provinz
19,18 Euro
Jahr / Periode und Variation
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)
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