Tschechoslowakei. Silver medal Prague, 'Opava' - award medal - very rare

Tschechoslowakei. Silver medal Prague, 'Opava' - award medal - very rare
Silber - UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)


Czechoslovakia, award medal, Prague.

The obverse: a woman sitting turned to the left, with the rod of Asclepius and with a laurel wreath on her knees. Next to the woman, there are a cog, a hammer, and an anvil. On the left, there are farm animals. In the background, there is a farmer mowing grain, and there is the rising sun. An inscription, 'ZA'SLUZE,' and a signature, 'KARNET - KYSELY - PRAHA,' in the exerga.

The reverse: the Silesian eagle, followed by an inscription, 'ÚSTŘEDNÍ HOSPODÁŘSKÁ SPOLEČNOST PRO SLEZSKO v OPAVĚ.'

In my opinion, the condition in which the coin has been preserved is mint UNC–MS.

Metal: silver Ag.

Diameter: 51.80.

Weight: 50.40 g.

The medal is original, guarantee of authenticity.

I also invite you to my other auctions. Kind regards, Alessandra.

Land/ Provinz
Silver medal
Jahr / Periode und Variation
Prague, 'Opava' - award medal - very rare
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)
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