TTT AR Penck - Diverse Titel - Limitierte Auflage, LP's - 1984/1990

TTT AR Penck - Diverse Titel - Limitierte Auflage, LP's - 1984/1990
Anzahl der Objekte: 9 - Mint (M)

Record collection with 9x AR Penck in top condition.

1.) TTT & AR Penck - Bristol Concert

2.) TTT & AR Penck - Kreuzberg trennt!

3.) TTT & AR Penck - Butch in Hackney

4.) TTT & AR Penck - Through the Black hole

5.) TTT & AR Penck - The Royal Academy

6.) TTT & AR Penck - What about Jazz today

7.) TTT & AR Penck - New York New York

8.) TTT & AR Penck - Piano Solo

9.) TTT & AR Penck - WTSKREEEL

All LP's in absolute top condition.

Some of them even print signed!

Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Country: Germany & Great Britain
Released: 80/90s
Genre: Jazz
Style: Free Jazz

Vinyl LP record lot (9 pieces)

The cover are Mint (M)
The vinyl are Mint (M)

Partially still wrapped. Have never been played.

Art Cover by AR Penck

Only a small number of copies were pressed. Very rare LP's. Limited Edition

From the 80's/90's.

A. R. Penck (* 5 October 1939 in Dresden; † 2 May 2017 in Zurich), actually Ralf Winkler (pseudonyms were Tancred Mitschel,[1] Mike Hammer, T.M., Mickey Spilane, Theodor Marx, a.Y. or Y), was a German painter, graphic artist and sculptor and jazz musician.

Penck is also considered the father of the "Neue Wilden", a movement of the early 1980s with an ironic and provocative aesthetic. Penck already depicted a naked man lying on a kind of jumping jack in one of his first paintings from 1955 entitled "Torture". Several men around him are torturing him.

When photography and video stirred up art in the mid-1980s, Penck made wooden sculptures. The renitent artist-nomad was never only fixated on painting anyway. He wrote theoretical texts, poems with a lot of wordplay and essays. His secret love, however, was music. Penck played the piano and guitar and was a jazz musician.

His last works - colourful abstract paintings in red, black and white - were created in Dublin. Penck had moved there because of his love of jazz. Penck's last works resemble a wild, joyful score and reflect his passion for music, especially free jazz and jazz rock. They express the soul mood of an artist who was more at peace with himself and the world again.

Mehr als 3 Künstler/ Bands
Künstler/ Band (maximal 3)
TTT AR Penck
Mehrere Titel
Limitierte Auflage, LP's
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes)
Erscheinungsjahr (jüngstes)
Mint (M)
31×31 cm
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