Louis Liger - La nouvelle maison rustique - 1768

Louis Liger - La nouvelle maison rustique - 1768
Illustriert, Landwirtschaft, Jagd, Fischerei, Gartenarbeit, Falknerei - Anzahl: 2 - Anders- siehe Beschreibung - Buch

Louis Liger - La nouvelle maison rustique, ou économie rurale pratique et générale de tous les biens de campagne. neuvième édition, augmentée considérablement et mise en meilleur ordre; avec la vertu des simples, l'apothicairerie, & les décisions du droit-françois sur les matières rurales - à Paris, chez Durand, 1768 - (5) ff., 916 pp., (4) ff., 894 pp., (13) ff. - period marbled full calfskin binding - quarto - 21 x 26 cm.

Condition: The headcap of the first volume is partially missing and there is a snag on the tailcap of the same volume, joints in good condition, sound hinges, 4 blunt corners, ribbed spines adorned with gilded fleurons and volume numbers, garnet title labels, covers rubbed in spots, some foxing and soiling, brown stains on some leaves or engravings, red edges. Complete in 2 volumes.

Work illustrated with 38 out of text plates, including two fold-outs, and a great number of in text woodcut engravings.

This is the most extensive manual on agriculture and country life published in the early 18th century.

The agronomist Louis Liger (1658 - 1717) called himself an architect for gardens, and the part relating to the art of ornamental gardens is very detailed in this work, illustrated with numerous plans.

All aspects of country life are covered here, the interior and the farmyard of the country house, the buildings, the supplies, poultry, horses and studs, livestock (horned animals, sheep, goats and pigs), Honey flies (i.e. bees) and silkworms. Trade and interest in the health of the farmyard animals. The fields, farmland or grainland. Vineyards. Water and forests, ponds, rivers, fruit trees, pruning, grafting, vegetable gardens, wood trade. Plans for fields and hedges, trenches, paths, markers. Consumption of produce from the fields, drinks, oil, unusual profits and field rights...
Gardening, an extensive chapter... (engravings of various ornamental gardens), .... the vineyard and the drinks produced. The harvest: how to make wine in Burgundy, the vineyard of Champagne, or the way to grow the vines and how to make wine in Champagne. The general culture of all kinds of gardens. Fruit trees and how to prune them (see figures). ... The vegetable garden. The flower and ornamental garden. The simple garden, or the botanical and a domestic pharmacy or apothecary. Ponds, fishing. This is followed by chapters on hunting deer, wild boar... wolves, with the different ways of hunting them and sketches of traps (see photos) .... Hunting deer, roe deer, hares .... and other country pastimes; the kitchen and pantry, jams, liqueurs, pastries, etc. Ponds and fishing. Hunting and other country pastimes... Aviaries, nightingales, canaries...; warblers, linnets... Aviary birds, game birds and mainly wildfowl... Falconry, goshawks... Dictionary of venery and falconry... hunting rights... and other country pastimes. Cooking; pastries, jams, and liqueurs.

A reference book. A trove of information.

Apart from the mentioned imperfections, this set is in good condition.

Anzahl der Bücher
Illustriert, Landwirtschaft, Jagd, Fischerei, Gartenarbeit, Falknerei
Autor/ Illustrator
Louis Liger
La nouvelle maison rustique
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Anders- siehe Beschreibung
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26.5×21 cm
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