A Dupuis / Atlas d'Edouard Maubert - Règne Végétal. Plantes Agricoles et Forestières. Texte + Atlas - 1870

A Dupuis / Atlas d'Edouard Maubert - Règne Végétal. Plantes Agricoles et Forestières. Texte + Atlas - 1870
Botanik, Einbände, Heilkunde, Illustriert, Kunst, Naturgeschichte - Anzahl: 2 - Buch

First edition of Plantes Agricoles et Forestières illustrated with 50 botanical plates after the natural history painter Edouard Maubert (1806-1879) engraved on steel and finely coloured and gummed.

Plants classified in alphabetical order, with their habitat, cultivation, usable parts, harvest, and uses.

Rare reference book complete in 1 volumes of text and 1 volume of Atlas, quarto. The Plantes Agricoles et Forestières is part of the monumental collective Le Regne végétal which includes 17 volumes published between 1864 and 1871, including among others: Traité de botanique générale; Flore médicale, etc.

Well-made red half shagreen binding with corners, gilt topstain. The volume number of the collection can be found on the spine 13-14.

Fresh and clean, with hardly any foxing, this copy is very well-preserved. Sturdy bindings, the leather has light imperfections on the spines. Blunt corners.

Edouard Maubert (1806-1879) painter attached tot he Natural History Museum and the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, he set out to draw each plant from its roots to its seed with the details that characterize it. In the service of science, he worked with the greatest botanists of his time Charles d'Orbigny, J. J. Linden... whose scientific works are high quality. As a result, his name became associated with major publications. Edouard Maubert painted countless flowers, but roses are among his finest achievements. Due to the immense popularity of these flowers during the 19th century, he was driven by the same momentum to imbue these flowers with botanical veracity making them astonishingly accurate. Edouard Maubert's talent is compared to that of Redouté.

Dupuis (Aristide)
Plantes Agricoles et Forestières
Paris, L. Guérin, T. Morgand [1871-1870]
Collection: Règne Végétal, v. 13-14

1 quarto vol. Text with, 566pp, + Atlas with 50 tip-ins, mounted on tabs. Complete.

Quarto 270x 183 mm [203mm for the atlas]

Illustrations after Maubert (most of which are signed), engraved by Lebrun, Noel, Lagesse etc.

Good copy, sturdy bindings, decorative set despite the light defects from use: rubbing on the spine and the edges of the boards, the corners and boards are damaged or blunted. Interior in very good condition in terms of freshness. The plates were separately printed on sturdy vellum paper, quite white, some rare foxing in the margins. The text is printed on high-quality vellum that is very white, some light foxing on the edges.

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Botanik, Einbände, Heilkunde, Illustriert, Kunst, Naturgeschichte
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A Dupuis / Atlas d'Edouard Maubert
Règne Végétal. Plantes Agricoles et Forestières. Texte + Atlas
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