Isle of Man (Kronbesitzung). Angel 2018 Elizabeth II

Isle of Man (Kronbesitzung). Angel 2018 Elizabeth II
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)

The coin was a huge success among collectors around the world and remains a sought-after numismatic coin.

The coin was reissued in 2018 with the same design and circular ornament by Raphael Maklouf. Once again, the obverse features Jody Clark's portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which replaced Ian Rank Broadley's design in 2015. This is your chance to grab a smart Angel coin if you missed the first issue or to expand your collection.

Land/ Provinz
Isle of Man (Kronbesitzung)
Jahr / Periode und Variation
Angel 2018 Elizabeth II
UNC (nicht in Umlauf gebracht)
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