Danielis Papebrochii - Propylaeum ad Acta Sanctorum [...]. Conatus chronico-historicus ad catalogum [...] - 1685

Danielis Papebrochii - Propylaeum ad Acta Sanctorum [...]. Conatus chronico-historicus ad catalogum [...] - 1685
Religion - Anzahl: 1 - tipped in plate- Illustration - Buch

Title: Propylaeum ad Acta Sanctorum : maii sub felicissimis auspiciis Innocentii XI Romani Pontificis Optimis Maximi et Caroli II Hispaniarum Indiarumque regis catholici. In septem tomos digesta /Conatus chronico-historicus Romanorum Pontificum.

Main author: Danielis Papebrochii
Authors and collaborators: Henschnya, Godefried 1601-1681, Papebrochio, Daniel 1628-1714, Baerbio, Francis 1651-1719, Janingus, Conrad 1651-1719, Quellinus, J. E., Bouche, Martin

Publisher: Michaelem Knobbarum. Antuerpiæ (Antwerp)
Printing date: 1685

The title page is missing. The data has been taken from the identical copies that are digitised.

Subject matter: History of the Popes.

Note: The title page is missing from this copy. There are different copies, once collated it has been possible to verify that the binder didn’t follow the same criterion when composing the sections. In some cases, the engravings are at the end, in others it starts with the title: Conatus chronico-historicus Romanorum Pontificum.

Parchment binding, white vellum. Labelled spine (the title can be seen).

In good condition. Firm, robust and solid binding. Corners, hinges, edges in good condition.
An intensive and professional repair can be seen in the work. There are new flyleaves. All three book edges have been guillotined by the restorer-binder. A new sewing and headbands can be seen bottom and top.
The book suffered at some point before its repair a bookworm attack. It caused small holes at the top and interior margin. They don’t affect the text.

Full-page plate.

1 engraving of King Charles II of Spain. Architectural engraving with the image of the King inside a border and next to two columns ‘Plus-Ultra’.
Surrounded by allegorical and symbolic figures.

1 plate. Petrus Georgius Odescalcus.
1 plate of Jesus Christ.
41 engravings, with portraits of the Popes, throughout the work.

Pagination: XLIV + 552 pp.
Size: 38.5 x 27 x 6 cm

On the importance of this copy:
It is the first edition made in Antwerp. Daniel Papebroch performed this great colossal work, using his master's method. With a historicist method of work, based on a previous documentation work.
He used the method that was so successful in hagiography (history of saints). Design of Acta Sanctorum.

Daniel Papebroch (Antwerp, 17 March 1628 – 28 June 1714) was a Flemish Jesuit hagiographer, one of the Bollandists.

In 1660 Papebroch began his work with Bolland, in the scholarly study of the hagiography of the Catholic saints.

Bolland sent the 32-year-old Papebroch to Italy, along with Godfrey Henschen, to collect documents, but by the time he returned Bolland had died. Paperbroch, together with Henschen, then continued the work in the tradition of the Bollandists.

Working method: All Bollandists are members of the Society of Jesus. They combine a community religious life with team work and research in the same house.

Anzahl der Bücher
Autor/ Illustrator
Danielis Papebrochii
Propylaeum ad Acta Sanctorum [...]. Conatus chronico-historicus ad catalogum [...]
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Bebilderte Ausgabe
Michaelem Knobbarum
tipped in plate- Illustration
Anzahl der Seiten
38.5×27 cm
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