Post-Incunable; Nicolaus de Lyra - Biblia Sacra - 1507

Post-Incunable; Nicolaus de Lyra - Biblia Sacra - 1507
Bibeln, Inkunabeln & Frühdrucke - Anzahl: 7 - Limitierte Auflage, tipped in plate- Illustration

Post-Incunable - Illustrated folio.
Monumental (25 kg).
Beautiful woodcuts on full page and in the text, grotesque frames on the 7 title pages, each frame contains a full-page scene from the Bible.

Very rare Bible: we have not found any copies, COMPLETE WITH THE VOLUME OF THE REPERTORIUM and illustrated, sold or for sale.

7 folio volumes, printed in Lyon from 1507. Original, coeval and even full parchment binding. A beautiful and complete copy.

Woodcuts taken from Koberger's original 1485 edition, which was THE FIRST ILLUSTRATED BIBLE IN LATIN. The woodcuts belong to the Nicolaus de Lyra’s accompanying note. In turn, they strongly influenced the woodcuts of the first illustrated Bible in Italy. I-III: HC *3171; GW4294; BMC II 443 (IB.7535); BSB-inchiostro B-477; Schreiber 3476; Goff B-619. IV: HC *3166; GW 4288; BMC II 427 (IB.7323); BSB-inchiostro B-453; Schreiber 3472; Goff B-613. (4).

A slightly earlier edition in just 6 volumes (without the Repertorium), printed in Basel by J. Petri et J. Frobenius in 1506 and 1498 is on sale for EUR 30,694.
An edition in only 6 volumes (without the Repertorium), later and much more common, from 1588, without the frames on the title pages - EUR 3,462.

Monumental edition of the Bible with extensive commentary by Frenchman Nicolaus de Lyra (c. 1270-1349), one of the most influential Medieval interpreters of the Bible.
Seven Volumes of which the last is the Repertorium to the Bible itself, printed in Lyon in 1507. 6 volumes printed between 1528 and 1529. Full parchment binding, renovated blank spine with 4 raised bands, traces of wear to the headbands, restorations on the spine and joints, in two volumes the panels are loosened. Crisp interiors and well printed pages on thick paper, woodworm marks and browning. Pp. 378; 315; 439; 479; 244; 286+(1 blank)+[129]+(1) sheets.

Nicolaus de Lyra (c. 1270-1349) was one of the best known exegetes of the Middle Ages, his commentary on the Bible was printed in several editions as early as the 15th century.
His "Postilla perpetua" of 1471 was the first printed comment on the Bible, and Luther was among those who made several references to it. The Biblical text here is set in the centre of the sheets, surrounded by commentaries, a typographical solution also used in "Postilla perpetua".
Many diagrams and figures in the text are also taken from the 11th-century Talmud commentaries of the Jewish thinker Rashi.

In 1322 he took part, in Perugia, in the general chapter of the Order in which the absolute poverty of Christ was determined; he also played a part in the controversy over the beatific vision, to which he dedicated a treatise (“De visione divinae essentiae”. He turned his interests above all to the Sacred Scriptures, which he studied also using, for the Old Testament, the Hebrew text (see his “Tractatus de differentia nostrae translationis ab hebraica littera/">littera Veteris Testamenti”, 1333) and Jewish interpreters, above all Shèlōmōh ben Yṣḥāq, and he interpreted it according to the literal sense in “Postillae litterales” (1322-31; 1st ed., 5 vols., 1471-72) and in the mystical sense in “Postillae morales seu mysticae” (1339; 1st ed. 1478); both were very popular, the former are often accompanied, in prints, by the critical Additiones, by the converted Jew Paul of St. Mary, bishop of Burgos and the Replicae to these by M. Döring. Among his other writings theres is a “Probatio adventus Christi contra Iudaeos” (publ. 1470).

Full title:
Biblia Sacra cum glossis, interlineari, et ordinaria, Nicolai Lyrani Postilla, ac Moralitatibus, Burgenses Additionibus, & Thoringi Replicis: Quibus Annotationes, Scripturae Allegationes, Canonumque Concordantiae, in superioribus editionibus in marginalibus collocatae: Novissime auctiores, & locupletiores fidessimis typis traduntur.
Lugduni, apud Iacobi Mareschal.

Anzahl der Bücher
Bibeln, Inkunabeln & Frühdrucke
Autor/ Illustrator
Post-Incunable; Nicolaus de Lyra
Biblia Sacra
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes Objekt)
Bebilderte Ausgabe
Lugduni, apud Iacobi Mareschal
Limitierte Auflage, tipped in plate- Illustration
373×269 mm
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