Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs - [1st U.K. pressing unboxed EMI Labels] - LP Album - 1970

Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs - [1st U.K. pressing unboxed EMI Labels] - LP Album - 1970
Anzahl der Objekte: 1 - Excellent (EX) - Erstpressung

Syd Barrett ‎– The Madcap Laughs - UK SHVL 765 2G/2G

Very rare! Not many copies made or sold of this first release (unboxed EMI) of this solo album. Original first press in a well kept condition with clean labels too. EMI end of 1969 to early 1970 gatefold release with 2G/2G matrix endings.

Specific to this release and not found on subsequent releases are:

Released in a front laminated gatefold sleeve with the disc housed in the rear opening and the front opening is glued shut with no inner flap.

The backcover states printing date 6911 (November 1969). This was clearly in advance of the 1970 release date.

Only first pressing labels have all of the following:

1. Green/yellow Harvest Label with no 'EMI' Logo and 'The Gramophone Co. Ltd.' at 11 o'clock on the outer rim.

2. 'SYD BARRETT' appears just above the 'HARVEST' logo at 9 o'clock. Later pressings move this higher up the label.

3. Side 2 label has credits 'Barrett except + Joyce'. Later pressings have 'Barrett + Joyce'.

4. On each label side there is no gap between 'Lupus Music Ltd' and 'Produced by...' Later labels have a gap.

On the sleeve tracks B4 to B6 have a combined running time of 7:59.

Conditions: [Sleeve & Vinyl]

Sleeve in VG+: well kept laminated sleeve that has a light crackle here and there. Small brown spot on the spine.

No writings or stickers.

Vinyl: VG+. Clean and shiny, a handful of small and superlight hairlines. Record sounds clean and crisp. Overall no troubles nor in the quiet parts.

Spindle shows some marks: ca. 20-25 plays.

Please see pictures for more information.

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LC 127

Mehr als 3 Künstler/ Bands
Künstler/ Band (maximal 3)
Syd Barrett
Mehrere Titel
The Madcap Laughs - [1st U.K. pressing unboxed EMI Labels]
LP Album
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes)
Excellent (EX)
EMI, Harvest
SHVL 765 2G/2G
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